Siberian cat price range. Where to find Siberian Forest kittens for sale?

The Siberian Forest (or the Siberian) is originally a wild cat breed. They are strongly built and highly independent. Many cat lovers adore them for their thick coat and lion-like mane. These cats are popular as pets in American and European families. Nowadays, the Siberian cat price is around $600/kitten. Despite their affordable price, you should consider carefully before taking one home due to this breed’s aggressive and independent nature. This article below will provide details about their prices, reputable breeders and websites to find Siberian kittens for sale.

Siberian cat price range. Siberian Forest kittens for sale cost & price

Siberian cat price range

Based on their quality and what you intend to raise them for, Siberians can be divided into two price categories: Siberians with limited registration (pet-only) and Siberians with full registration and breeding rights. Besides, there are some very cheap unregistered Siberians on the market. However, it is risky and not advisable to buy such kittens.

Price of Siberians with limited registration

Pet-only Sirberias cost from $500 – $900. You can easily find those kittens on pet websites, which will be mentioned later in this article.

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