Russian Blue cat price range. How much do Russian Blue kittens for sale cost?

The Russian Blue Cat is one of the noble cats with dark blue eyes. The Russian Blue Cat has made fans mad and desperate. However, Russian Blue cat price is quite high currently, about $700 for a cat raised as pet only. Those with full registration, allowed for breeding breed will have much higher prices, depending on the reputation of the breeder and pedigree, characteristics of each kitten. Details about Russian Blue cat for sale prices and breeders can be found below.

Russian Blue cat price & cost range. Best Russian Blue breeders & sites

Russian Blue cat price range

Depending on raising purposes and quality, each Russsian Blue cat will cost differently. If you intend to adopt Russian cats as pets, it is cheaper than those with good bloodlines and used for breeding.

Limited registered Russian Blue cat price

These cats are only allowed to raised as pets, not allowed for breeding. The average price for a kitten is between $500 and $800. With the presence of this cat breed at home, they will be wonderful companions for owners.

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