Abyssinian cat price range. How much do Abyssinian kittens for sale cost?

Abyssinian cat (or Aby cat) is one of the most ancient cat breed in the world. They have elegant beauty and lively playful nature. They give people strong impression with their intelligence, clever and especially they are very easy to be trained. The Abyssinian has become one of the most popular cats for cat lovers everywhere. In this article below, we will give you details about Abyssinian cat for sale price, online websites, and reputed Abyssinian breeders. In addition, this article also discusses about origin, characteristics and notes when we raise Abyssinian cats.

Abyssinian cat price & cost range. Where to buy Abyssinian kittens?

Abyssinian cat price range

Based on raising purposes and quality, each Abyssinian will have different price. However, in general, this is an expensive cat breed. If you are planning to raise an Abyssinian cat, this kind of Abyssinian cat cheaper than one with good bloodline and used for breeding.

Limited registered Abyssinian cat prices

These cats are only raised as pets and are not allowed for breeding. Price for a kitty ranges from $900 – $1200, on the average. This is really not a “pleasant price” at all. But this price is worth to own a beautiful, smart and mischievous cat as Aby.

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