The arcadia reptile prot5 UVB kit is one of the coolest UV kits to use when filming reptiles, it gives the perfect lighting when reflecting on the reptiles and also helps the camera capture the reptile from really good angles these shades were designed for reptiles.


Not just that the Prot5 UV kit has high-quality internal electronics that are highly adaptable so you don’t have to worry about twitching knobs and all that goes with getting the right settings. It has standard grade reflectors, a power cable, nice package fittings and [drum rolls please!!!] any Arcadia reptile HO-T5 UV-B lamp of your choice [talk about amazing right?].

In this article, we will be discussing some basic stuff about the Arcadia reptile PROT5 UVB kit and how it is the best lighting gear for your work.


ProT5 only uses high-quality electrical components to ensure safe operation and long lamp life. Each bar includes over-voltage, over-current, heating, and short-circuit protection. Teflon and other UV-absorbing reflector coatings are not used in the ProT5.

  • The ProT5 is easy to set up what you have to do is place the lamp properly into the fitting, you have to be careful so you don’t damage it, then you plug it in. you can connect more than one unit and it easy just make sure to connect them properly.
  • Arcadia ProT5 is a flexible full reptile illumination package. Features top-quality, in-house electronics, highly efficient reflectors, power cables, connection package, connection cable and a high-quality Arcadia 22in/24w Forest 6% UVB HO-T5 lamp.
  • Arcadia reptile PROT5 UVB kit is an easy-to-use set, it is extremely flexible and easy to install. Installation may be made using the metal brackets provided inside a wooden vivarium or the glass terrarium lid over a screen terrarium or screen. There are 2 reflector angles from each curve. The reflector has

It, therefore, has an appropriate UV-B provision for any species and a large region. It is also used for leopards or crested geckos, serpents or amphibians that are generally not seen in direct sunlight.

  • When setting it up you can try these basic methods to help get your reptiles the right lightning angel.
  1. When placing it in an enclosure try resting it on a glass terrarium’s panel or wooden screen lid (Perfect for 60cm wide glass terrariums)
  2. Hung above or inside a box (where safe to do so).
  • The ProT5Kit reflector has two angles of reflection from each curve’s edge. Arcadia’s high-quality, German-made UV-B lamps are included in the Arcadia Reptile ProT 5Kit.
  • Professionals and zoos all over the world use lighting and heating systems. Shade Dweller lamp is specifically built for use with Shade Dwelling animals including the Leopard Gecko, Crested Gecko, and Amphibians and Invertebrates.
  • The ProT5Kit the best science and technology has to give in terms of providing for pets in a healthy, reliable, and naturalistic manner. Its sleek design and specially curved reflector allow less space to be occupied but also provides as much light as possible.
  • ProT5 units come fully assembled and ready to use and can be connected to combine up to ten units into one. The units are flicker-free and include the power cable, switch, fittings kit, link cable, and bulb, as well as the power cable, switch, fittings kit, and link cable.
  • The UV light output of the Arcadia D3+ Reptile Lamp is higher than that of most reptile strip lamps, at a respectable 12 per cent UV. Your reptile can synthesize vitamin D3 as a result of UV exposure, which allows them to assimilate the dietary calcium in their food and convert it to strong and healthy bones.
  • They are available in three sizes: 24w, 39w, and 54w allowing you to find the right fit for your enclosure. They come with the reflector and the bulb of your choosing and are the professional choice for critical UV-B.


  • Shade Dweller Pro-Arboreal was created to be a secure and efficient alternative to regular meshed topped vivariums. This kit will provide the optimal UVI and enable residents to safely benefit from the activated colour vision and the natural successful D3 cycle.
  • The ProT5 reflector emits a fluid mid-width flood of light and is ideal for creating a measurable basking area for any animal.
  • It is ideal for Crested Geckos and other species found in Ferguson zones 1-2. For larger enclosures where planting/decoration prevents open basking, the arcadia reptile Shade Dwelling Pro % lamp at 10-12″ in free air or 6-8″ when used over a mesh is the best choice.
  • Allowing species to self-regulate under a lamp allows them to energize. ShadeDweller 7% lamp may be more suitable for optimal UVI per species. Heavy planting with broadleaf plants will create leaf-scatter patterns of shade and offer good protection. Use our free lighting guide to check optimal U VI for your species.
  • For enhanced visible light and high PAR values, ShadeDweller, ProT5, and Jungle Dawn-LED Bar should be used in conjunction with a stat operated heat source. For more details, see Arcadia Reptile Solar Basking Flood, Halogen Floods, and DHP with our Clamp lamp set.
  • The flexible Arcadia Pro-T5 lighting kit is designed to work with the standard Arcadia high output T5 lighting tubes. The tubes are available in 6 %, 12 %, and 14 % intensities. As a result, replacements will still be easy to come by after their 12-month warranty expires.
  • Can be used on top of terrariums with normal glass or within a vivarium with room and permission.
  • Low light enables tasks such as feeding, diurnal movement, and sex/activity to be performed during the day. The UVB light assists in the development of vitamin D3, which aids in the process of absorbing calcium. The UVC rays can help to keep reptiles free of bacterial infections.


The arcadia Reptile PROT5 UVB kit provides the best reptile light, they are simple to use, properly packed to avoid damages, and comes in small portable sixes that can fit in enclosures. The PROT5 UVB kit also comes with handy gadgets like the shade dweller which is good for regulating the amount of UV light your reptiles get daily.

The kit can be used for some other animal’s asides from reptiles and they also provide some benefits like the destruction of bacteria cells

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