4 Reasons Why Birds Make Great Companion Animals For The Right Home

When we think of household pets, dogs and cats are thought to be the most popular choice for a human companion. According to a 2019/2020 survey, dogs are the most commonly owned pet, living in 23 percent of households across the UK. Cats follow next at 16%, before the numbers massively drop. Owners of indoor birds only make up around 1% of UK households.

4 Reasons Why Birds Make Great Companion Animals For The Right Home

But with that being said, indoor birds are hugely undervalued, and often people just need educating about what great pets they make. If you don’t have the space, mobility or funds for a larger animal, then an indoor bird will be the perfect companion. Here are just some of the reasons why an indoor bird could be a perfect fit for your home:

Low Maintenance

While some animals require grooming, toenail clipping, hair cuts and bathing, indoor birds are quite the opposite. Birds are naturally hygienic animals and will clean their own feathers on a regular basis. They also enjoy to bathe themselves in a small pool of clean water, meaning that you don’t have to deal with the hassle that often arises from pets and bath time.

Every so often you’re required to give your bird a quick nail trim and feather clipping, but performing these tasks on a small animal is much easier than on a larger one.

Inexpensive to Feed

Even the biggest birds only eat a small volume of food a day compared to other animals. As bird foods are mainly plant-based, they are much less expensive to buy than the meat and protein-packed products which are marketed for cats and dogs.

Bird food is also lightweight, meaning that it can be cheaper to buy in bulk online. You will often find a better selection of bird food from online stores such as Little Peckers, who offer a range of birdseed specially formulated for all different types of bird. If you like to take care of the outdoor birds as well, there are plenty of garden bird supplies available on the site too.

Don’t take up Much Room

If you’re longing for a pet but simply don’t have the room for a dog or cat, and all of the toys, beds, litter trays and other items that come with them, then an indoor bird is a great option for you. Small bird species like budgies and canaries thrive off living in smaller spaces, and all of their necessary items will fit easily into a small bird’s cage.

This cage can be stowed in the corner of your room and takes up minimal space- and as a bonus, landlords are much more likely to accept a bird than any other type of pet.


If birds are properly trained and socialised from a young age, then they can be just as sociable and affectionate as a cat or dog. Birds have their own way of communicating with you, and some are so inseparable from their owners that they love to ride around on their shoulder all day.

This makes a bird a great companion, particularly if you live alone. They also get on well with other birds, so if you’re often out of the house, you might want to consider getting another bird to keep it company.

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