Poop Bags that Will Make you Feel Better About Having to Pick Up your Dog’s Crap

Cleaning up your dog’s mess might not be your favourite thing to do, but oh wow is it essential that you get it done. The best way to make those little things that you’d rather leave for later more manageable is by adding an extra bit of fun and favour to the situation. A great way to do this when it comes to dealing with your dog’s bathroom time is by treating the two of you to some great poop bags that add some brightness to the chore. Here is what to look out for when you’re searching for poop bags that are going to make cleaning up a little more fun and a little less blah.

Supplies to Prepare before Picking Up a Puppy

  • House or Crate
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Travel
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Dry Food
  • Wet Food
  • Canned Food

Sturdy and Structured

Keep an eye out for thick, sturdy and structured poop bags that can hold up against what you need them to.

Colour for Fun

Hey, it doesn’t hurt if those nifty new poop bags look as lovely as they are, right? Although style and colour might not be at the top of your shopping lift, they still make a huge difference when you’re looking to bring some fun to your messiest chore on your doggy to do list.

Earth Friendly Materials

The materials that you choose matter, there’s no two ways about it. It is so easy to put material compositions on the back burner, particularly when you are picking up those everyday essential items that you use constantly. Look for earth friendly biodegradable poop bags, these are going to clear your conscience whilst you clean up your dog’s mess.

Image Credit: Stylish Hound

Giving Back

You can kick that environmental friendliness up a notch by choosing doggy poop bags that are biodegradable! Look out for bags that are compostable within a matter of months to make sure that you are not contributing to the massive pile up of single use plastic that contributes to staggering amounts of landfills each and every day. Your dog’s poop is nothing but natural, so why shouldn’t your poop bags be? Compostable plastic makes sanitary mess management kind and gentle for you, your dog and the earth that the two of you love to explore together!

And there you have it! Hunting for poop bags that are easy to use, colourful, sturdy and environmentally friendly will add some feel good vibes to that not so fun job that none of us look forward to, but all of us have to do! Here are a few extra bits and pieces you can get to treat your dog to an elevated everyday routine…


Straying from the pack can lead to boredom, bad behaviours may be developed and training progress can be lost. We know our buddies can do better, so let’s give them the tools they need to do so. Brain engaging toys enable our dogs to put our hard work training them to use, whether it’s learning new patterns of thinking or honing in on instinctual behaviours, they won’t even realise they are doing their homework. Four-legged friends can benefit from different toys in different ways, with some they can gain confidence by solving hidden mysteries, while others can use their imagination to brighten up their day.

Think of playtime not as a distraction, but as development that leaves their tails wagging. The freedom to choose what they want to play with and how they want to play with it gives us a chance to get to know them even better, gaining independence along the way. When our dogs are happy, so are we, the more they are entertained, the more they entertain us. We can sleep well at night knowing our besties are as totally tuckered out as we are, rest assured that they will be recharged for another productive puppy day.

Walking Lights

Light up your walking time with a nifty LED companion on your next outing. Again, walking at night after a long day at work or on an early morning adventure isn’t the easiest thing – so let’s make it easier for you! An LED light illuminates the way whilst you and your dog are out stomping the streets or hitting the park.

Are you ready to make your every day a little easier? The right poop bags and creative accessories will help to get you there!

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