10 Pet Safety Tips For The Holidays

Holidays are the days that every and one of us waits for; whether that person is a child, teenager, adult, or elderly, there is no exception.

Those are the times when one can have some rest, meet with family and friends, travel, or just have some quality time just for yourself. Whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, Easter, the new years, or just any other holiday, it is usually filled with food, decorations, and many other things that make these days more happening and cheerful.

Though such occasions are awaited, as a pet parent some get very anxious about that time, anything can happen without even realizing it.

Those little playful creatures might even don’t know what the thing is intriguing; they might lead them to the emergency room. Thus as a pet parent, we always need to take precautions so that we don’t end up there or anything.

1. Christmas Trees/ House Trees

Who can think of a holiday without a Christmas tree! No one can, right! Thus it is no.1 on our list.

This is the topmost important precaution as anything can happen with trees inside the house. As things like such can be very dangerous, it may trip/fall over; as pets tend to be playful and curious, they might want to explore it, and that may cause injuries. And also, if the tree has pointy parts, it can scratch and injures them.

To avoid these, first of all, you need to make sure to station the tree somewhere in a corner, so it seldom comes to reach. Secondly, please attach it to its place firmly, so it does fall over, then make sure it doesn’t have any pointy parts, or they are in higher areas, so it doesn’t come to your pet’s reach.

And cover the lower part of the tree with aluminum foil so that they don’t put anything in their mouth, which may cause stomach problems.

2. Tinsels

Though we love such things to add up in the festive feel, to take proper precautions, you might as well remove it from your decorations list, but if it is a must, you need to put them high up somewhere that even your cats can’t reach.

Firstly, why cats, especially these cuties, love sparkly, tinkly, light-catching toy-like objects that quickly catch their attention. And will want to jump over it and try to play with it, might even try to nibble them, which can lead to swallowing it.

If such a thing happens, it can only be resolved by surgery as if it enters the mouth it will block their intestines so no other option. Saying this does not mean it only troubles cats it can also harm dogs, especially if they are puppies and other pets too.

3. Lightings

Lightings are a must during any holiday, whether it is Christmas, new years, or any other one. These are the essentials for any holiday as it gives off a festive vibe, on top, it is very pleasing to the eyes.

Saying so can be a piece of very bad news for a pet parent. You are always cautious about your little dear but being more cautious during these times. Lighting materials come in all shapes and sizes nowadays, so those attract their attention.

Accidents rate with lightings are high, as pets may get intertwined in the wires, they might trip and fall, or get burned by the heat, even worse if they bit it they can get electrocuted which could end you up in the emergency room, so make sure to put them somewhere high up out your pets reach that cats can’t reach them.

4. Ornaments

These should be kept away, closed in their places, and make sure each time you take out something from there, you keep them back and not leave anything left outside.

As they are relatively small, pets can swallow them easily, which could tear their windpipe or even worse puncture their intestine. If some pieces fall on the ground, it might cause external injuries; you need to be prepared to avoid any sudden accidents.

5. Mistletoe & Holly

Mistletoe and holly are the ultimate symbolism of holiday, Christmas to be general, but unknowingly to some, these things can be poisonous for their pets, whether it is a cat or dog.

Even if you can’t omit this item from your decorative list, you should be extremely careful about these things. These must not get anywhere near your pet’s reach if your pets ingest these as they would cause nausea rather than vomiting, leading to diarrhea.

Some can cause gastrointestinal and cardiovascular issues, and in some cases, kidney failure might follow, so better avoid it if not be on alert.

6. Edible Decorations

Nowadays, many new things are being introduced to us, though edible decorations are not that much new still, the usage of it is limited, not many people try them.

But when your eyes lie on them, you might not be able to resist the temptations; even if you buy them, you need to know these can be as harmful as the others mentioned in this list. Make sure even if you buy them, neither you nor any family member give them to your pets, and all of it is out of their reach.

Sweets are not just the reason for any pet’s kidney failure but also can choke them as they swallow it, and sticky candies could stick and cause an intestine blockage.

7. Candles

Some of us like the exotic feels during the festive season or any other time; lighting candles has become a relieved old trend. Though it gives off these enchanting vibes, it can cause some severe accidents not just to your pets but also to you, your family, and your house.

These can harm your pets in any way; it may burn their fur and skin, hot wax can blister their skin, and sometimes unknowingly, their tails might get burnt.

So safety comes first, exclude such ideas, if not then place them where pets can’t reach, and add up the candles inside enclosed lanterns or similar to it to avoid any misfortunes.

8. Wiring

Holidays or festive seasons are all about lighting and decorations, which means many wiring jobs have to be done. While doing so, you need to be fully cautious and know your job very well, so you can avoid accidents.

As your pets might get in the electrocuted if the wires are not hidden and fixed to their places properly. If it is possible to cover your wirings in one hard protective plastic cover, so it becomes safer, and your pets can’t bite them.

9. Food & Drinks

What is a holiday/festival without food? Yes, food is the most important part of any gathering, whether it’s a family get together or a party for friends; this is the same for holidays.

Though you can’t exclude this one from your list, you have to be alert all the time, so your pets do not ingest anything they should not. These can lead to a medical emergency; this is the same with drinks too.

Foods and drinks that we humans seem to digest are proven to be lethal to animals, so take precautions from before.

10. Gifts And Wrapping

Holidays mean a season of exchange of gifts between friends and family etc. though wrapping presents can be a very fun time, this time is not ideal for your pet to be around.

Suppose your pet by mistake intakes any of these materials like wrapping paper, strings, ribbons, plastic, or any other stuff, all of which can cause serious problems starting from intestine blockage to choking. Keep them away while you are doing so and clean up after you are finished.

And for the gifts you receive to keep them out of your pets’ reach, far away to avoid further incidents.

These are some simple precautions to take to have a safe and sound holiday with your little ones and enjoy it to the fullest, and there are many websites to keep you inundated with the latest pet care tips online if you search for it for advice. Happy holidays.


Josh Cobbe is an animal tender heart who has been working for a long time to bring helpless dogs back home. Through his efforts, it has already been possible to reunite many helpless dogs with new families. She is a certified dog trainer who helps people make friends with their dogs.”   

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