Are Pets with Anxiety and Pain Issues Benefiting from CBD?

Anyone who has ever tried to adopt or foster pets will be familiar with the prevalence of animals’ anxiety and pain. No matter the breed of animal you have, pets can develop anxiety and pain issues just as frequently as humans do.

But how does CBD for pets work? In what way are pets that suffer from things like anxiety or pain actually benefiting from CBD?

How Does CBD Work?

To understand how CBD for pets works, we first need to know how CBD itself works in the human body.

When we imbibe CBD products, whether in the form of CBD oil, CBD capsules, or edibles, it is all metabolized the same way; it is broken down and then interacts with the endocannabinoid system.

This is a health system that works throughout the entire human body and is responsible for all kinds of different bodily functions. The ECS utilizes natural cannabinoids that our bodies regularly produce, working in tandem with other bodily functions to regulate all kinds of different body elements.

By imbibing cannabinoids like CBD, we can manipulate our ECS and encourage a myriad of different effects. One of the most well known and frequently used  CBD qualities is as an anti-anxiolytic, a treatment for anxiety.

Numerous studies, such as this one by Blessing et al., have found that CBD can reduce feelings of anxiety over the long term when taken at high doses. While the exact mechanisms are still unclear, CBD can not only reduce feelings of anxiety, but also help improve long-term mental health.

With regard to pain, CBD is also incredibly useful for the myriad of pain disorders that affect people.

A study by Ethan Russo, alongside numerous others, found that CBD was able to mitigate feelings of pain, especially when it came to long-term conditions. CBD’s slow and continuous intake was tied to the reduction of persistent pain symptoms, making it a potential for a variety of conditions.

Among many others, these two effects are part of the reason why CBD is taken so frequently these days.

But what about its use with pets? Why would CBD oil work on pets as it does on humans?

Why Does CBD Work on Pets?

Despite how strange it might sound, CBD oil works just as effectively with pets as it does with humans. This is because of the fact that both humans and pets possess endocannabinoid systems and produce natural cannabinoids in their bodies.

All mammals possess an ECS, thanks to its emergence occurring likely hundreds of millions of years ago when mammals first appeared. This is why cannabinoids are able to affect humans just as much as they are cats and dogs.

This makes it not only perfectly safe to give your pet CBD, but it also means that it could help them enormously.

Things like anxiety and long-term pain are well understood for humans because we can quickly notice we are suffering from disorders or illnesses and then vocalize them. We can make our suffering known, and then seek help for it.

A pet, unfortunately, cannot do that. If your dog is struggling with long-term pain or anxiety, you might not even realize it. They might walk with a limp, or struggle to turn corners, or maybe bark far too much at strangers, and you might not even realize that it is all to do with mental or physical illnesses.

This is why it’s always a good idea to be observing your pets for what they are not telling you; for what they are not equipped to understand.

A cat or a dog doesn’t understand that it might suffer from anxiety or another long-term health condition, so they cannot seek help.

If you suspect that your pet is struggling with anxiety or pain, feel free to give them some CBD for pets if you can find the right brand. But where do you find the best CBD for pets?

Where to Get CBD for Pets

It can seem impossible for those just getting into giving your pet CBD trying to find the right CBD products. There are all kinds of CBD brands available, each offering their particular type of CBD products.

For the best products, head to websites tracking and cataloging different CBD brands, like WayofLeaf. This way, you can learn about the best CBD brands and discover all the other information you might need to make an informed decision.

Just make sure that you are always especially careful with your CBD dosage for your pets. They need a lot less CBD than us to feel the same effects due to their reduced weight in comparison to humans. There’s no sense wasting a lot of money on giving them too much, so weigh your pets carefully and find a dosage calculator to make the right choice.

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