Why UTE Dog Boxes are the Best Items to Transport Your Pets?

Everyone that owns pets and needs to take them from one place to another with their car knows how challenging this task may be. Dogs are very agile animals, and they can’t just sit in one place. They love barking at people, jumping around the car, and whatnot.

This is why many people decide to install dog cages in their vehicles simply put them in the backseat. If you own a utility vehicle, it means you have a lot of room in the back, but without a dog cage, you can’t leave them in the back without any protection. That’s why some people opt for UTE dog boxes to transport their pets.

In this article, we’re talking more about why the dog box is the best item for dog transportation. If you want to know what are the main benefits, keep on reading and find out more!

1. It is the safest way

Dogs are impulsive animals, and they get distracted very easily. Everything that moves on the street may provoke their reaction. Since they love driving with the windows down, it’s not excluded that they instinctively jump off a moving vehicle. Even if the windows are up, they may hurt themselves by trying to.

Putting them in a cage will give them the needed safety. They will still be able to watch and see what’s happening but from the safety of the cage. The limited space will not allow them to become aggressive and hurt themselves.

2. Obeying the law

In many countries around the world, it is forbidden to drive your pet freely in the car. Particular safety regulations are required, and dogs being in the cage or having limited movement is mandatory.

It is smart to follow the law, which is why you should get yourself a dog cage. If you have a UTE, the best option is to get yourself a custom-made cage that will go in the back. Use the comfort of your UTE properly and let your pet feel the comfort too.

3. Keeping your vehicle spotless

Dogs drool, scratch, bite and can make a true mess. Everyone thinks that their dog is not that kind of pet, but it only takes one angry moment for your front seat to be chewed off. Instead of risking а mess in the backseat, you can easily handle the problem.

Placing them in the dog box means they won’t have the chance to do anything to your car. Once you get them out and do what you drove for, you can clean the box and prepare it for the next trip. No one will be hurt, and your vehicle will remain spotless.

4. Providing a calm place for your dog

Although you might think the opposite, the cage is going to calm your dog. These animals are used to having their own place – their own small castle, and they feel the best when they are on their turf. The cage is exactly that.

When you let them stay inside, they won’t be annoyed or stressed by the surrounding, and we all know how many distractions are there when you drive a car. Everything can trigger a reaction while looking out the window, but they’ll be calm and peaceful in the crate.

5. Chance to transport more dogs at once

When you have more dogs, you can expect total mayhem in the back of your car. They fight, play, and pay no attention to the surroundings. It’s completely unsafe to drive with more dogs in the back. It’s unsafe to do it with one, but with two or more is just madness.

Most companies will provide custom-made boxes that will fit two or more dogs in separate chambers. They will have the company of each other but won’t be able to communicate physically and make a mess even inside the crate.

6. You can leave them inside the car with windows open

When we talked about the distractions coming from the traffic, we mentioned how dangerous it is to drive with the windows down. At the same time, you can’t park your car and leave them inside with the windows closed because they may get hurt from the heat.

Instead, let your windows down, put them in the cage, and enjoy your trip to the store, knowing that nothing bad is going to happen to them. The opened windows will create enough breeze to keep them cool, and the cage will prevent them from running away.


These six points tell you why dog cages are an essential piece of equipment for your UTE when you have pets. You won’t experience any damage to your car, your pets will be calm and happy, and you can drive from point A to point B without any possible problem.

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