What You Should Know About Mixed Breed Dogs

Did you know that more than half of the dogs in the United States of America are mixed breed dogs? There are a lot of people that have their favorite dog breed, like the pointer dog breed. Mixed breed dogs make for great companions and additions to any family.

What You Should Know About Mixed Breed Dogs

There are a ton of benefits that mixed breed dogs bring to the table that you need to be aware of. They tend to have great temperaments and provide tons of love to any home they enter.

Whether you’re looking for the fastest dog breed or you want to find a good dog breed test, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading this article to learn more about how to figure out what is my dog breed and why mixed dog breeds are perfect for adoption.

Mixed Breed Dogs Are Healthier

There are a variety of reasons why mixed breed dogs tend to have better health than purebred dogs. This is due in large part to the fact that purebred dogs are prone to certain conditions and illnesses that mixed breed dogs aren’t affected by. Certain purebred dogs are likely to experience issues like hip dysplasia or cataracts.

Dogs that are mixed breeds don’t seem to have these same issues even if they’re half German Shepherd, which experiences hip dysplasia. Mixed breeds tend to live longer and healthier lives than their purebred counterparts. This doesn’t mean that purebred dogs can’t also live long and healthy lives, but they have more issues that they deal with.

Mixed Breeds Are Unique

No two mixed breed dogs are the same, and this is due to the wide variety of dog breeds that can mix and create puppies. For help finding unique and adorable puppies, visit Puppy Joy. Mixed breeds also tend to have unique personalities to match their appearance.

With mixed breed dogs, you’ll get random patterns and spots when it comes to their fur color. Guessing at what dog breeds your new companion is mixed with is part of the fun of owning a mixed breed dog. It is even possible that your dog got all of the best traits of each of the breeds he or she is mixed from.

These traits might be a mix of athleticism, intelligence, temperament, and affection. This is a big part of why mixed breed dogs make such amazing pets.

What You Should Know About Mixed Breed Dogs

Mixed Breed Dogs Cost Less

Another benefit of adopting a mixed breed dog is that it costs a lot less than adopting a purebred dog. A purebred dog can easily cost as much as $2000 in order to adopt. On the other hand, most mixed breeds are found at shelters that only require a donation of somewhere between $50 and $200 to take your new best friend home with you.

On top of that, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your new pup is already spayed or neutered and that it’s been microchipped. It will also likely be up to date on all of the vaccinations it needs. This results in even more savings on top of the savings from the adoption fees.

Regardless of if the dog you bring home is a mixed breed or a purebred dog, it is important to remember that all dogs need to same loving treatment as well as a healthy diet.

You’ll Be Helping To Fight Puppy Mills

If you’ve never heard of puppy mills, you’re about to learn more about them. Puppy mills are large commercial operations that are in place to mass-breed purebred dogs for profit. From there, they either sell their puppies directly to customers or they’ll sell them to pet stores for a profit.

The big issue with puppy mills is that they don’t do anything that takes the well-being of the dogs into consideration. It is truly and wholly focused on making a profit despite the inhumane living conditions of the dogs there. By choosing to adopt dogs or puppies from shelters and animal rescue groups, you’re taking business away from puppy mills.

You’ll Save a Life

Most mutts and mixed breed dogs that you find will be at shelters and animal rescue organizations. While there is an increasing number of no-kill shelters that take in animals in need, there are still some shelters that euthanize their animals after a certain period of time.

Either way, you’re giving an abandoned dog a new shot at life. Not only will it change your new dog’s life, but it will change yours as well. You’ll get the benefit of watching your new family member grow and blossom into a loving and trusting dog that appreciates the life you’re providing for it.

What You Should Know About Mixed Breed Dogs

Mixed Breed Dogs Can Compete or Be Service Dogs

If you want to enter your dog into competitions but are worried that you’ll need a purebred dog for that, worry no more. Mixed breed dogs are also eligible to enter into dog competitions like the agility competition.

Mixed breed dogs are also eligible to become service dogs or therapy dogs. For a time, those capacities were saved solely for purebred dogs but now your mixed breed dog can become a service dog too!

They’re Full of Surprises

Adopting a mixed breed dog is like a mystery box. You have no idea what the temperament will be or what talents and skills it will have. Furthermore, you’ll get to speculate about what breed your dog is. If you want to get the final analysis of your dog’s breed, get a dog breed test. You might be surprised about what your dog’s breed mix is.

Adopt a Mixed Breed Dog Today

Mixed breed dogs make excellent companions and additions to any family. They tend to live longer and have healthier lives than purebred dogs and they have much more unique traits and personalities. You also can still have a service dog or enter your dog into competitions with purebred dogs like the agility competition.

Best of all, you’ll be saving the life of a dog that deserves another chance at life and a loving forever home. This all works together to continue the fight against puppy mills and the abhorrent conditions that they keep their animals in.

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