The comparison between commercial pet hotels and home boarding 

Some pet parents are under the impression that pet boarding only means a pet hotel or kennel. A pet hotel is similar to a kennel in that multiple animals stay in one place. However, the difference is that pet hotels tend to offer more individual pampering and care. 

The comparison between commercial pet hotels and home boarding 

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Nonetheless, pet hotels aren’t the only option; there’s also home boarding. 

Home boarding provides your pet with the opportunity to stay with a sitter in their own home. Like a kennel or pet hotel, the border must be licensed, but unlike kennels or hotels, home boarding offers an environment similar to the one your pet is used to (their home).

Read on to learn more about the difference between pet hotels and home boarding.

Advantages of Pet Hotels

  •     Proper Supervision

Pets who are used to human companionship can get lonely when left by themselves. As a result, they may get up to mischief. This could result in damage to your home or belongings. At pet hotels, however, they carefully supervise your pet and provide them with entertainment and attention.

  •     Exercise

Pet hotels will make sure that your animal gets plenty of exercise. Whether this is walks, chasing a string, or playing fetch.

  •     Grooming

At a pet hotel, your animal will get regular grooming. They will clip their nails, clean and cut their fur, brush their teeth, etc. 

  •     Nutritious Meals

Pet hotels will provide your animal with the same food and treat they get at home. This will ensure that no one’s digestion is upset.

Disadvantages of Pet Hotels

  •     Lots of Animals Together.

In most pet hotels, all the same species of animals hang out together in a common area. This can be dangerous for smaller, more timid animals. It can also mean the spreading of germs. While pets are usually checked for health concerns before they enter, you can’t be sure that all the animals are actually healthy. Things like kennel cough can be a genuine concern.

  •     Lack of Night Support

According to various former pet hotel employees, there aren’t usually a lot of staff on duty at night. As a result, things like an animal suddenly getting ill or the ventilation going off could go unnoticed. This also means that there wouldn’t be enough staff to get all the pets out safely in the event of a fire. 

Advantages of Home Boarding 

  •     Familiar environment

Since home boarding takes place in someone’s home, your pet will be entering an environment they are somewhat familiar with. Additionally, the routine is likely to be similar to the one they’re used to. 

  •     Care and Grooming

Each animal will get personal care, including exercise, playtime, and grooming. 

  •     Fewer Animals

Home borders usually have limited space, so they take in fewer borders. As a result, your pet won’t be overwhelmed or overlooked. This also reduces the chances that they’ll catch a disease like a kennel cough. Additionally, smaller animals will have more protection from larger pets. 

  •     Knowing the Personnel

Most home boarders will offer meet-and-greets before an animal’s stay. This allows your pet and you to get to know the sitters. 

  •     24-Hour Supervision

Home boarders live in the same place as the animals, so if there are any issues at any time of day, they can take care of them. 

Disadvantages of Home Boarding 

  •     Troublesome Pets Not Allowed

Since the home boarding environment keeps pets in close proximity to each other, animals with behavior issues like biting or fighting may be rejected. Home boarders can reject any animal that they don’t like or feel comfortable with. Some borders may even ask you to come home from your vacation if your pet is causing trouble. 

Conclusion: Which is Better?

In our opinion, home boarding is the better option for your pet. The smaller, more intimate environment means your animal will get more direct care and attention. Also, home borders can be choosy about which pets they take on, so you can have confidence that your animal will be in a safe environment. Furthermore, meet and greets are usually par for the course with home boarding, so your animal will get a chance to get to know the person you’re leaving them with. As a result, both you and your pet will feel more secure.

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