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5 Signs You Are Ready for an Automatic Pet Feeder

In the U.S., 38% of households have dogs and 25% of households have cats. We are a country and a culture that loves having companion animals. Having a pet is a responsibility, though, and it comes with chores and costs. Using an automatic pet feeder can help you take care of your best furry friend. […]

Dog Food Canada: Things To Consider When Choosing Meals For Your Pets

Taking care of a dog can encourage you to exercise more often and socialize better with other people. Having one at home can also teach you valuable life lessons, such as compassion, patience, responsibility, respect, and trust. The benefits of pet ownership can ward off stress and gradually improve the quality of your life, but […]

Wet Food vs Dry Food for Dogs: Which Is the Best for Your Pet?

Selecting the perfect dog food can be tricky. We want to make sure that our pets are getting the nutrition they need without consuming a bunch of funky additives and chemicals. In fact, a recent survey found that nine out of ten dog owners want to make sure their dog is eating a diet as […]

Seresto Dog Collars – Are They Safe For Your Pet?

The number one concern of dog owners is, how does Seresto dog collars provide long term pest protection. Once you have had your first Seresto collar, then you will realise that there are many dog collars that claim to be this item. It seems that every manufacturer is trying to get their name in the […]

New Puppy Checklist: 4 Must-Have Accessories for Your Furry Friend

Are you getting close to the date when you finally get to bring home your new puppy? The waiting can seem to take forever, but soon your best friend will be snuggled at your feet getting to know your family. Make sure you’re prepared for what’s to come. While puppy training can be tough at […]

Light Therapy for Dogs? How Much Does Light Therapy for Dogs Cost?

Dogs are our family members. Whether our excellent friends are competitors or companions, we want them to be better-off and healthy. If you are like us, your dog does not live outside tied to a rope. Your dog belongs in the house with you, eats in the kitchen, watches television with you, and is part […]

Dog Leash Types – What Should You Have?

Every dog needs a collar and a leash. By what other methods will you monitor your canine when taking him for a walk or going out traveling? For each canine, there is an ideal strap. A few dogs interact with various types of chains, and some probably won’t care for a specific kind of belt; […]