Pet-Friendly Colleges in the US

The recent revolution of pet friendly colleges is the good news for all the university and college students. Many universities do not allow pets on their campus but do not despair. If you cannot survive with the only thought of leaving your pet at home for months while studying in your university, then do not wait to be in the best pet-friendly university or college out there. You can get the best guidance from the online platforms like since there are a lot of comprehensive articles or blogs that will help you to get the top-notch college out there for you and your beloved pets.

Why do universities disapprove of keeping pets?

Because it is just the policy of restricting students from keeping pets in their home, it can be for a few reasons. Like most of them are noisy, smelly, scratching, and biting. Another major reason for this is most of the students are allergic. One of the prime reasons is that once the novelty of keeping pets is over, the students might get busy with their social and academics activities. Some of them might abandon or neglect their pets. Moreover, it is neither for the benefit of pets or students.

Why do some universities allow pets?

It is a very positive step that some universities take. Some universities think that having pets can be super beneficial because they are great stress relievers. It has been researched that pet owners are happier than those with no pets. It can also help them cope with their stress of exams when it is the time that comes around. Also, pets can reduce the initial feelings of homesickness.

The best pet-friendly universities and colleges

The thing that is important for being pet-friendly universities and colleges is more concerned nowadays. It is not only the fish or small reptiles that might seem safe for this. However, mostly the universities are allowing other service animals or guide dogs there. Recently most colleges and universities are allowing pets on a trial basis.

Two major universities are allowing cats to have been neutered or spayed, namely UCLA and MIT. Also, they acquire that all the animal vaccinations must be up to date, and animals must be registered within the campus housing office. Furthermore, every resident on the floor must approve that the cat checks if some students have allergies. Some of the common universities are as under:

●       Eckerd College

The college must have special pet dorms when cats and dogs must be allowed there. Moreover, they must be weighed, which must be less than 40 pounds, and they must get all the vaccinations that must be up to date.

●       Stephens College

Stephens College will allow cats, rabbits, and dogs in some of its halls. It is only restricted to the first floor. Overall pet-friendly places are super limited.

●       Vassar College

It is the college that must have a pet-friendly policy since 1971. Furthermore, they must allow the voting system, and they must require at least 75% of the residents in the dorm to vote in favor of a pet before the pet becomes a dorm pet.

●       CALTEC

It is the university that will allow cats in one of their dorms.

●       University of Pennsylvania

This university has allowed birds, hamsters, and rabbits.

Pet policies

Most universities do not allow dogs and cats in their universities. Some allow fishes; some allow amphibians, small, caged pets, and reptiles like chinchillas and hamsters.

Most colleges must start their own rules that must be with regards to their pets that are not assistance animals or service animals. There are some of the common rules like:

  • Pet owners must pay a pet deposit.
  • They must be registered with the pet housing office.
  • They must get permission from other residents or their roommates.
  • Some colleges must limit pets to their residents who live in single rooms with no rooms.
  • Colleges can require pets to be housebroken.
  • Colleges can require cats and dogs must be neutered or spayed.
  • Some universities must allow the pets up to dated vaccinations.
  • Certain territorial or aggressive dog breeds must be prohibited.
  • Carnivorous fishes must not be allowed.
  • Venomous snakes and prohibited pets must not be allowed.
  • The size of the pet’s tanks must be limited.
  • Some apartments that do not allow pets in their apartments can pay rent off campus to bring cats or dogs with them in their college.
  • Colleges allow cats and dogs.

There are even more than 1000 colleges and universities overall that will allow pets on their campus. All of them have their names linked to the name with the pet’s policy. So, you can choose the best with your beloved pet.

Bottom notes

Mostly, the universities do not allow universities and colleges in their academic buildings or academic halls. Most of them claim that the schools must have policies that will not allow service animals and then grant them emotional support. You might encounter a two or a dog on campus even when the school has a non-dog policy.

Several students also have the option of living off-campus if it is not for the years. College rules do not allow it when they live off-campus, but all the local landlords have their pet policies.

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