Is a Bernedoodle Hypoallergenic Dog?

Are the Bernedoodles hypoallergenic? It’s one of the most asking questions by the Bernedoodle lovers. The simple answer is yes. Sometimes they are hypoallergenic if you get the right one. Bernedoodles inherit this special trait from their Poodle Parent. In this article, we will clear your confusion about the hypoallergenic features of the Bernedoodles. But first, we will explore what a Bernedoodle is? And then uncover the meanings of hypoallergenic. In the end, we will also see what would cause the allergic reactions.

Is a Bernedoodle Hypoallergenic Dog?

Let’s firstly look at Bernedoodles

Bernedoodle is a designer breed, which is obtained by crossing the Bernese mountain dog and Poodles. They are known for their good, and calm nature.  But they need at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. You can take them for short walks as they love to go outside with their owners. The early positive training and socialization are good to easily adjust the Bernedoodles in families. They inherit the intelligence from their Poodle parents. So, you can expect an active and intelligent dog if you are looking to buy a Bernedoodle.

Hypoallergenic Mean

It doesn’t mean that your dog is completely non-allergic, but the hypoallergenic dogs are less allergic as compared to the other dog breeds. Even many individuals in Bernedoodles also cause allergic reactions.

Causes of Allergic Reactions

All the dogs create the proteins like F1 and F2 that are responsible for allergic reactions, which many people are also facing. The highest concentration of these proteins is found in dog’s saliva and urine. But a small amount is also available in dander. So sometimes, fur can also cause allergic reactions as the dander is stuck to the fur.

Choosing a Hypoallergenic dog?

Bernedoodles are come in different sizes and types depending upon their coat color, parents, and generations. The best one is the first generation Bernedoodles, whose parents are Bernese mountain dog and Poodle. These are 50% Poodles and 50% Bernese mountain dog. The other option can be second generations Bernedoodles, whose parents are Poodle and Bernedoodle. These puppies are 75% Poodles and can be even more hypoallergenic. But what happened if you buy a puppy whose both parents are Bernedoodles? In that case, you don’t have any confirmation about the hypoallergenic features of your Bernedoodle puppy.

You can also focus on the Bernedoodle coat, which comes in three different types: straight, wavy, and curly. It’s observed that the straight coat type is more shedding as compared to the other two types. Many owners also recommend the curly coat types Bernedoodles as these are less allergic as compared to the wavy and straight coats. So, the overall best option can be a first or second-generation Bernedoodle with curly coat types.


So, from all the above discussion, we can conclude that Bernedoodles are hypoallergenic. It’s due to the hypoallergic qualities of the poodles, which are mix with the Bernese mountain dog to get the Bernedoodles. But it does not mean that Bernedoodles can’t cause allergic reactions. If you want a good hypoallergenic Bernedoodle, be sure the puppy parent was a Poodle. For more satisfaction, you can meet the parents of your puppy before buying.


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