Important Tips For Choosing The Right Rig For Your Horse

Caring for your horse requires much more effort than simply keeping it well fed at all times. Horse rugs are, among other things, important for this animal because they can keep it warm, protect it from dirt, debris and insects, and even keep its coat short. If you’re not sure what the benefits of using a horse rug are, you could probably use getting more info about those. As well as learning how to choose the best one for your animal.

Considering only the color and the style is not enough here, because you have to think of the horse’s needs first, meaning you should never let the style dictate your final decision. Although I know that you probably want to have your animal look amazing when wearing this part of protective gear, I’m sure you’re more interested in keeping it safe and making the rug serve its specific purpose. Given the huge range of choices today, finding the right style will be easy, which is precisely why you should focus more on those other important factors that need to be considered when making this purchase, and I’ll list them below.

1. Indoor Or Outdoor Use

Rugs for indoor use are not the same as those for outdoor use, and you might have guessed that already. Assuming that these products are to be used only indoors is wrong, because they have their purposes for outdoor use as well. But, what you have to do is figure out precisely which one you need, i.e. whether your animal needs a rug to use outdoors, or one to use in the stable. Stable rugs are designed to be used indoors and to keep the animal warm, while turnout rugs can keep it dry during rain and protect them from dirt. The great thing about the latter ones is that they can be used all-year round.

2. Living Conditions Of The Animal

Deciding if you want an indoor or an outdoor rug requires you to think about the specific living conditions of your animal. Does your horse spend most of the time stabled, without exercising too much outside? If that’s a yes, then it will need warmer rugs than those animals that spend most of their time outside, moving and exercising, as movement will also keep them warmer. Anyway, consider the living conditions of your animal so as to decide specifically which product could be best for it.

3. The Weather

The weather is, undeniably, another significant factor to keep in mind when trying to make this particular choice. The climate in your area will let you know if you need to choose cooler or warmer options, as well as whether you should expect a lot of rain and thus choose an option that will protect your animal from rainfall and keep it comfortable even when the weather is not at its best. The great thing today is that you can find horse rugs for all seasons, meaning that you’ll get to keep your horse safe and protected regardless of the actual weather conditions in your location. Naturally, though, considering those conditions is a must when choosing.

4. Pest Control

Flies and other insects that tend to bite and that are rather uncomfortable for your horse can get very annoying, so protecting the animal from them can also be extremely useful. Apart from being annoying, insects can damage the health of your animal, causing skin irritations, infections or even transmitting rather dangerous diseases. Fly sheets, while being more useful in warmer climates, can be a great addition that is lightweight and that helps protect your horse from those pests that could harm it.

5. Materials

The materials you’ll choose will depend on the purpose of the rug you’re buying. Are they to be used to keep the animal warm, to protect it from rain or wind, to keep the pests away, or even to help your horse recover more quickly after exercising? Those are only some of the questions to ask yourself when trying to make the best purchasing decision, because the choice of materials will definitely influence the effectiveness of the product and, of course, its quality. Think of the purpose, then go for the material that can fulfill that specific purpose, and remember to check out the linings as well, since nylon, for example, is breathable and capable of surviving being stored during the warmer months without rotting.

6. Exercising

I’ve hinted at the fact that there are rugs serving to help your horses recover much better after exercising. Doesn’t that sound a bit weird, though? How can a product like this, usually used to keep animals warm, serve such an important purpose? Well, when you get it explained, as you will right now, you’ll realize that there’s nothing quite unusual in this and that a lot of amazing rugs have been designed with the goal of leading to faster recovery for those horses that exercise quite a lot.

Read more to decide what type of a rug your animal needs:

Basically, there are actually exercising rugs, called that way because they are used precisely for effective recovery after exercising. If you have a very active horse, this type can help it return its body to its regular state, so the animal should wear it after engaging in any kinds of activities. It works by preventing the body from cooling down too quickly, thus allowing for better recovery and reducing risks of injury to the muscles.

7. Style

Above I’ve told you that the style should never dictate your choice and I stand by that. Yet, this doesn’t automatically mean you shouldn’t consider it at all, because you still have the right to make your animal look stylish if that’s what you want. The point is for you to check all the boxes for protection and other purposes first and then consider the style. You’ll be glad to hear that there are numerous styles to choose among, so you’ll definitely find something you’ll like.

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