How to Keep a Dog Bed From Smelling

Pet parents sure love their pets. They do all they can to provide them a happy home. Yet, they also face some struggles even though we do not hear them talk about these problems. Especially people who have a dog friend have to deal with dog odor which can be overwhelming from time to time when it is not dealt with properly.

The cause of dog odor can be a number of things from a whiff of pee on the dog’s bed to a dog’s general hygiene. Understanding the cause of the dog odor is the first step to figure out the solution. If you are a pet parent and wondering how to keep a dog bed from smelling, we have listed some solutions you can try to eliminate the dog odor in your home.

Tips to Keep a Dog Bed Clean

Let us look at some of the tips to help you get rid of the dog odor in your house.

1. Buy dog beds that have removable and washable covers.

Most of the time, the main source of the dog odor in the house is the dog bed. No matter how much you care for your dog’s hygiene, if the dog bed is not cleaned regularly, the smell will always be there.

Therefore, buying a dog bed with a removable and washable cover will be such a great solution and a time saver. All you need to do is put it in the washing machine on a regular basis.

2. Get an odor-resistant dog bed

Odor-resistant dog beds are actually out there. If you do not have enough time to wash the cover of your dog’s bed, then you can opt for one of these odor-resistant dog beds. Odor-resistant dog beds are made of a dense material that prevents the dog bed from smelling.

3. Incontinence might be the issue

If you think the cause of the dog odor is the incontinence issues, then you can always find a solution.

To solve this problem in a budget-friendly way, get a large plastic bag and put the dog bed inside. Then, put the bed cover on top of the plastic bag so that pee does not reach the mattress and cause bad odor.

Another way is to buy a waterproof dog bed which might be a lot more effective in preventing the smell.

4. Grooming your dog

Grooming is the key factor in keeping dog odor at bay. Even though washing your dog is extremely important, you cannot wash your dog daily to get rid of the smell. However, grooming is much more than that.

One of the most common sources of the dog odor is dirty ears. Make sure to clean your dog’s ears when they look a bit dirty inside. Try not to overdo it since it can cause irritation.

You should also brush or comb your dog on a daily basis which helps to get rid of the dirt that your dog might have from playing outside. Dirty fur is another common source of bad odor.

Also, check your dog’s collar. If you have not changed the collar since the day you have put it on your dog, it may easily be the cause of the bad odor. Try to change the collar often.

5. Vacuum the dog bed daily

Try to vacuum or use a sticky roller to clean it off on a regular basis to keep the dirt and dog hair from causing the odor.

6. Make a deodorizer

If you are looking for a nice smelling and odor-preventing solution, you can make your own deodorizer.

All you need to have is some baking soda, essential oils and water. Baking soda is known for preventing bad odors. However, keep in mind that essential oils can be both beneficial and harmful for your dog.

Lavender, copaiba, frankincense, peppermint and petitgrain are known for being safe for dogs and they all have their own particular benefit for them. Especially avoid using tea tree, cinnamon, citrus, pennyroyal, pine, sweet birch, wintergreen and ylang ylang oils as they are toxic for dogs.

Some people may prefer to spray the dog bed with Febreze, however this could cause irritation or sensitivity. If you really wish to give it a try, we suggest you use it carefully and only spray under the dog bed.

7. Healthy diet

Your dog’s diet can cause bad odor. If your dog’s diet is not balanced and healthy, this could be the underlying issue. For a healthy pup, make sure to feed him healthy dog food. Some dog foods might have cheap ingredients which can cause flatulence as well.

If your dog is eating healthy, food allergies can also be the cause of this problem. Some dog treats can also trigger allergic reactions as well.

If you think the main cause of the dog odor in your house is the dog bed and homemade solutions are not working well for you, we highly recommend you think about getting an odor-resistant dog bed to keep a dog bed from smelling.

Do you really need an odor-resistant dog bed?

An odor-resistant dog bed surely is not a necessity, it all depends on your circumstances and budget.

All dogs are different and some of them might have a distinct odor that can really get out of control and take over your entire house. In such cases, it may be difficult to manage dog odor and after a while, you won’t even notice the smell as you will get used to it. The bad news is, your friends will smell it as soon as you open the door for them.

If this seems to be the case with your pup, it might be a good idea to get an odor-resistant dog bed as it will absorb the odor and eliminate it.

However, if your dog does not have a distinct smell and other solutions are working just fine for you, you do not need to get an odor-resistant dog bed at all.


There are so many different reasons as to why there is a strong dog odor in your home. The issue may be related to your dog’s bed, diet or hygiene. We have provided you with some tips and tricks to get rid of the bad odor. If the smell seems to be distinct and strong, you might want to consider getting an odor-resistant dog bed as it will make everything much easier for you and your pup as well.

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