Expert Tips To Strengthen Your Relationship With Your New Horse

Once you have found a horse that catches your eye with its beauty, you will want to start bonding with your horse as soon as possible to get the best relationship you can with your new companion. Here are some techniques and ideas to assist you with building an unbreakable bond.

Expert Tips To Strengthen Your Relationship With Your New Horse

The 2f’s

Firm and fair, similar to raising a child, you will need to be strong in your idea of being in charge of the horse and fair in understanding your horses’ limits regarding learning and training. Remember that your horse has feelings and needs attention, so even if you have a busy schedule, you will need to spend as much of your free time with your horse, not just riding your horse whenever you feel like it.

Every Pet Loves Treats

Remember, every pet likes to eat treats when they are well behaved or follow instructions; apples and carrots are usually the best types of treats for stallions. However, you can also find pet store-bought treats that your horse will love. Alternatively, you could also make homemade horse treats as a healthier solution for treats.

Understanding Facial Expressions

Like people, horses also show facial expressions, and you must learn to understand your horse’s facial expressions and reactions as each horse also has a different personality type. It is essential to closely watch your horse’s reactions when you try to saddle up and see how your horse acts. You can also purchase accessories such as Navajo saddle blankets to make the saddle more comfortable for your beloved pet horse.

Pampering And Grooming

A quick way to get your horse to bond with you is to brush and groom, brushing those areas where your horse can’t reach. You will need to keep your horse clean with regular brushing, as it is more than just a bonding experience. It is also a worthwhile idea to read a few online guides to best care for your horses’ mane and coat when grooming.

Respect Your Horse While Taking Charge

You will need to respect your horse and understand that you are in charge, but your horse is your companion. Just like any other pet out there, you will need to provide shelter that is kept clean, an adequate supply of food and water, and definitely treats. your horse will also need to be around other horses because, just like people, horses also need to socialize. Therefore, it is best to keep your horse at a nearby stable.

Adventures And Quality Time

Spending with your pet horse going to new areas where horses are allowed is a quick way to strengthen the bond. This will allow you and your companion to meet and mingle with new people as well as your companion. There are also various types of horse competitions out there that you can partake in with your horse, such as beauty competitions, races, and others. Although, spending casual time with your horse at the stable and going for rides remains the best way to build a solid and lasting bond with your stallion.

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