Cutest Animal Characters from the Video Games

One of the factors that encourage us to get video games is seeing our favorite characters get things done. By manipulating them and helping them finish their daily adventures, we always get to be a part of their lives within the games we play. As the years go by, newer games are getting released, and people tend to hold debates and start arguments on who are the best video game characters ever.

Cutest Animal Characters from the Video Games

Within this article, you will find a list of the cutest animal characters from famous video games, and you can settle which is which as you read on! If you are not familiar with them, maybe it is also time to try out the game they are promoting.

5 Cutest Video Game Characters of All Time

1. Pikachu

This adorable video game character came from the Pokemon video games and animated series. The travelling companion of protagonist Ash Ketchum, this cute Pokemon is the reason why most of the fans started playing the game in the first place.

Resembling the image of a mouse with electric abilities, Pikachu’s whole color is composed of a yellow-ish skin tone, a brown tail, and two adorable blush marks on its cheeks. Be careful though, because it is said that if you touch these marks, they can send powerful volts of electric currents throughout your body! 

2. Yoshi

Coming from the Super Mario game series, Yoshi is this adorable dinosaur that accompanies Mario on his runs! He is also one of Mario’s best friends, and he provides a sufficient amount of strength and speed to help you finish any level a lot faster.

Overall, Yoshi’s body is colored green, and he has this small, turtle shell that your playable characters can sit on. Aside from that, he also has these two mini spikes on the back of his head. I don’t know what their purpose is, but they definitely complete his look. Finally, to top off the cuteness of this adorable character, Yoshi wears two orange boots to provide comfort for his feet! If that doesn’t get your heart, I don’t know what will.

3. Tails

Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the most lovable video game characters you will ever encounter. With his rugged looks and sly personality, you will not get enough of this speedy creature. However, Sonic is not the only character in his video game series, and one of his friends that you will definitely enjoy is Tails, a fast-running fox who has the ability to fly.

Tails is named that way for a reason, and that is because of his numerous “tails”. When he is not running, these tails function as helicopter blades to lift him off the ground and fly him to his destination. This is the cutest sight you will ever see, mainly because you will never witness a flying fox in real life.

4. Isabelle

If you are a fan of the new Animal Crossing video game, then you probably know this lovable character! Isabelle is a dressed-up dog with her hair tied up, always greeting you whenever you are arriving and leaving the town hall. 

5. Pig

Playing Minecraft is never fun if you don’t encounter these adorable creatures! Whether you want to take care of them, or maybe take them on your adventures, having these pigs around will surely complete your day.


Some may agree with this simple list, and some may disagree with it. Whatever the case, what’s important is you enjoy the video games you play, and you take note of the adorable creatures you encounter. Appreciating a game’s characters is one way to remember it, and if you want to try out the ones in this list, these cute and lovable creatures will help you get hooked!

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