Discovering the Charming Cavapoo

Are you looking for an easy-to-handle, friendly, lovable, small breed dog? Well, in this case, the Cavapoo can be the ideal match. You never heard about this dog breed before? This is due to the fact that the Cavapoo is not actually a real or recognized dog breed. It is a cross breed obtained by mixing the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle.

For centuries, mankind was interested in refining dog breeds by mixing the most representative specimens, in order to obtain a breed with the desired traits. This is how many of today’s modern dog breeds emerged. Considering that we mostly get dogs out of the desire to have a loyal companion, and not for hunting or other purposes, the main focus these days is to produce friendly and easy-going breeds.

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The Cavapoo can be the ideal dog for people who never owned dogs before, as these dogs are very gentle and simply love following their owners. They will fit very well in the company of a single person, family with children, or senior because these dogs have an amazing character and love humans, regardless of their age. A Cavapoo will love to play, if it has the chance, but will also appreciate sitting quietly at your side, at the end of the day. Let us take a closer look at their traits and see if the Cavapoo is indeed the ideal dog breed in your case.


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• Small size and low-shedding coat

Whether you live in an apartment or you simply don’t want to see dog hair all over the place, the Cavapoo’s low-shedding coat won’t create too many problems. With a good grooming routine, you will barely notice any dog hair on the floor or upholstery, which makes the Cavapoo great for those prone to developing allergies.

It’s small size, of up to 18 pounds at most, and reduced level of shedding makes this dog suitable for life in an apartment. It is worth mentioning that the final size of a Cavapoo puppy, an adult, depends whether a Toy or Miniature Poodle was used in the mixing process. Still, it won’t grow to be a large dog and as long as it gets daily walks, it will have no problem living in a smaller space.

• Very friendly and great family dogs

The Cavapoo has a gentle character that makes a great companion for children and other pets and creatures. Of course, you should socialize your puppy as soon as possible in order to get it used to everybody and everything. If you’d like to find a friendly and non-aggressive dog for your children, the Cavapoo has high chances to become their best friend and loving playtime mate.

However, you should teach your children to behave and treat the dog with respect. The Cavapoo is not aggressive, but it is a living creature and it has its limits. If children will pull on its ears, tail, coat, or do anything else that may harm the dog or produce pain, the dog may react bad out of the instinct to protect itself. So, to keep everyone safe, don’t let the dog unsupervised with young children. Older children should know how to behave if you guide them and tell them what is allowed and what is not.

• It is very easy to train

The best part about owning a Cavapoo is that it is a dog extremely easy to train. It got this trait from the Poodle, which is a very intelligent, intuitive, and easy-going dog. The entire family can participate in the training process of a Cavapoo, so it is not difficult at all to get the best dog that suits your lifestyle. Just bear in mind that the Cavapoo reacts best to positive reinforcements and rewards. Avoid being harsh or using punishments when training the dog, as it may become shy and fearful.

Also, in spite of the fact that the Cavapoo is very friendly and tolerant, you should make sure to socialize it since it is a young puppy. This will give it the chance to get used to a wide range of situations, people, and animals and grow to be a balanced and calm dog around the clock.

• It will require an adequate grooming routine

In spite of the fact that the Cavapoo has a hypoallergenic coat indeed and will barely shed, you still need to groom it. This will reduce the amount of dog hair and dander that falls around the house. Also, it will keep the dog’s coat free of knots. Due to the fact that it has the Poodle as one of its parents, the Cavapoo will have a soft and slightly curly coat, so it is very easy to find tangles in it if it is not groomed on a daily basis.

charming cavapoo

But, if you want to make this task easier, you should take your dog to a professional dog grooming salon and have its coat fixed well. With the help of trim, the Cavapoo’s coat will look better and it will be easier to maintain, requiring less grooming from your side. However, you may have to visit the salon every 8 to 10 weeks if you want your dog to look in top shape each time.

• It is prone to obesity

An adequate diet is a must when owning a Cavapoo, as the dog is prone to gaining too much weight. This is something inherited from its Cavalier King Charles Spaniel parent, so you should pay attention to treats. Choose food adequate for its age and size and don’t feed it more than it is recommended. Ideally, you should not serve your dog leftovers from your table, no matter how hard it begs for them. Human food is unhealthy and will definitely lead to weight-related issues.

Are you already charmed by the Cavapoo? Then you may want to take a look at the Cavapoo puppies available at this moment. It is not that easy to find Cavapoo puppies, as there are very few dog breeders dedicated to producing such dogs. Also, because we are talking about a cross breed, you should be very careful when choosing your dog breeder. It would be a shame to end up with a puppy that suffers from various health issues. At Charlotte Dog Club, dog breeders are thoroughly checked, so only the most responsible of them get to advertise their pups on the platform.

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