Sphynx cat price range. Hairless cat cost. Where to buy Sphynx kittens?

The Sphynx cat (or hairless Sphynx cat, Canadian cat, hairless Mexican cat, or Egyptian cat, named after Egyptian sphinx) is a breed of cat developed in the 1960s with a very distinctive appearance – hairless. Though considered ugly-looking, this breed is still very much adored by cat lovers. Sphynx cat price can be outrageously high and does not seem to match their unpleasant appearance.

Beautiful Sphynx Cat Pictures

In this article, we will provide all necessary information you need for getting a Sphynx, including its price, breeders, reliable selling websites, overview about the Sphynx cat (origin, appearance, personality) and some notes on how to raise this breed.

Purebred Sphynx Cat Price

Based on the origin, size, color,… the price of each kitten can be different. However, with how rare this breed is, most of them are expected to cost a lot of money. It should also be noted that purchasing a Sphynx might not an easy task, especially if the kitten in question is a high quality one.

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