Birman cat price range. Birman kittens for sale cost. Where to find Birman for sale?

The Birman (also known as the “Sacred Cat of Burma“) is one of the most attractive and popular cat breeds among American families. The Birman is said to be an ancient cat breed, originating from temples in Burma, hence these cats give off a “sacred” vibe. With their friendly and obedient nature, Birmans are great choices for families with children, the elderly and other pets. The Birman cat price ranges from $500 – $700/kitten. In the article below, we will give an overview of their prices, as well as breeders and Birman kittens for sale websites.

Birman cat price range. Birman kittens for sale cost. Best Birman breeders

Birman cat price range

Depending on the purpose of raising, prices of Birmans may vary greatly. A pet-only (sterilized) Birman is generally cheaper than a breedable one. Therefore, you should take into account your needs and budget to make the most suitable decision.

Price of Birmans with limited registration

These kittens are sterilized when they reach one month old. Their price is around $400 – $600. Instead of their origins or pedigree, the most important factor influencing the price is their appearance, ability to socialize (adaptability, learning ability,…) and personality.

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