Zoovilla Dog Crate, Dog Kennel, Dog Cage, Wooden Dog House

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About this item

For Indoor use, use in your living area as a side table with door, as indoor dog cage or dog kennel

Stylish Pet Crate – fitted with a wide table top perfect for magazines, potted plants, lamps and vases

Includes three doors; two front doors, one side door – the dog cage is designed to keep your pet safe and comfortable

Double hinged front doors – dog kennel crafted from solid MDF wood with sturdy hinges

Removable tray for easy cleaning

Brand Zoovilla
Color White
Product Dimensions 30.63 x 20.39 x 23.23 inches; 41.23 Pounds
Material MDF wood
Number of Doors 3

About this item

  • For Indoor use, use in your living area as a side table with door, as indoor dog cage or dog kennel
  • Stylish Pet Crate – fitted with a wide table top perfect for magazines, potted plants, lamps and vases
  • Includes three doors; two front doors, one side door – the dog cage is designed to keep your pet safe and comfortable
  • Double hinged front doors – dog kennel crafted from solid MDF wood with sturdy hinges
  • Removable tray for easy cleaning

10 reviews for Zoovilla Dog Crate, Dog Kennel, Dog Cage, Wooden Dog House

  1. Marie

    I purchased two of these. Three if count the wrong product I recieved through Amazon warehouse and needed to return. I broke a nail and busted my knuckles trying to get that box to UPS. Thanks Amazon! Read the box and make sure it’s what your ordered before opening if coming through Amazon Warehouse. My dachshunds love them and they’ve held up well, but my dachshunds already loved being in their wire crates. It took them a moment to warm up to the change because these didn’t smell great right out of the box.These are great for dogs that enjoy their crates and don’t have a chewing problem. The doors are attached with small hinges and a weak latch that could easily be pushed open by an uncomfortable dog, and there are countless reviews here from dogs who weren’t on board with crate training.My grandson has pulled on the bars several times and I’m always worried he’ll break them but so far they’ve survived. Maybe not the best choice for a family with small children who will climb in them, kick them or pull on the bars.Easy to assemble following the directions included. I wasn’t paying attention on the second one because the first one was so easy, and had to take it apart and fix my careless mistake.All in all, I’m happy with the purchase. They look great in my living room. The dogs go in these on their own for daytime naps and often put themselves to bed at night before it’s time. If I say “Let’s go to bed” they usually run to their crates with tails wagging.

  2. Abigail Fine

    We love this for our English bulldog and living room. It’s clean and classic looking. The XL cage is super spacious for her. Took 10 minutes to put together and about 30 minutes to break down the box and packaging it came in to make it fit in our recycling container. Haha! She’s 50lbs. Plenty of room for her to lay down and stretch out and roll on her back like she loves to do.

  3. Jackie

    I wasn’t sure when I read the reviews. But it is perfect we put in our entry way works perfect and looks a lot nicer than the big plastic kennels. It’s plenty sturdy we have an older medium sized dog. There is no bottom to it just a try that sits on your floor. Definitely worth money if you have a a dog that is not use to being in a crate and paws at the door a lot to might have an issue, but it has a magnet that is pretty strong. We forgot to latch outer latch one night and she didn’t get out.

  4. Amy

    I put my 2 Chihuahuas in here at night. Each dog is 7 lbs. They hate it. I can’t get them to go to bed at night now. So, now I have to sell it I guess. I have no idea why they hate it. They’re not exactly squished, but maybe they like the ample space of their old cage. I don’t know. They’re both female and they always snuggle together anyways, so I figured they wouldn’t mind. But I guess I’m wrong. Anyways, this crate is beautiful and well made. There is no bottom to it, but why would you need one? Just put your padded dog bed in there. Some reviews complained that their dogs destroyed it with their teeth. Yeah…. duh. If you have a dog that chews on it’s cage, then it’s going to chew through this! Duh! It’s not made of steel. If they scratch like crazy, don’t get this! Also, if you’re using this in your bedroom at night and your dog tends to put their paws up high on the cage as if to say, “Let me out” and they lean on the doors of this crate, then the doors are going to make this loud sound as they buckle out. I’ll explain: They put double hinges on the doors (which I really don’t understand whatsoever). So when the dog leans on the door, it buckles outward. The dog can’t get out, but it’s really, really annoying if you’re trying to sleep!!

  5. angela rhedrick

    I love this kennel it’s not an eyesore in my home it matches my home decor. I did a lot of shopping around for similar ones and this one is by far the best. You can place as a end table and use the one door or place against the wall and use both doors. I ordered the size small and my Frenchie has more than enough room to move around and stand up. Another nice feature is that the doors fold all the way back when opened. THE BEST PART OF THIS KENNEL that no others have is the cleaning tray at the bottom,just Incase any accidents.

  6. Zandage

    I love this Kennel! It goes perfectly with our living room furniture, I really didn’t want a big metal crate. I love the double doors, we can leave them open for him to go in and out as he pleases and then at night close them up. Reading all the reviews I was very nervous marking this purchase, especially looking at some of the pictures where dogs had chewed their way out in less than an hour. I purchased this before I had gotten my pup so I had no clue if he was going to have a chewing problem, like most dogs do. After a few weeks of having him I did indeed start to notice he was chewing on the bars ( lol not surprised) but I lined them with chicken wire and haven’t had any problems with him chewing since! Such an easy fix to keep this super cute kennel. Another issue I read a lot with this kennel is that the latches aren’t the best. I have had no problems with the latches at all. I have heard him lean on the door from time to time, but they seem to hold strong and don’t feel loose in any way. I’m sure you could switch out the latch with something more sturdy if needed. He was crate trained so that may help, he feels comfortable when he’s in there and usually just rests. All in all I have no regrets about this purchase.

  7. Jessica C.

    Great crate to purchase if it’s going to be a fixture in your living room and you need something that ‘fits in’ and is more attractive than a standard crate. Very easy to put together and looks great. When you have to adjust placement of crate you do have to readjust the structure-it’s built to do so quickly but a bump can cause the bottom trim to need to be reattached. This is minor and easy to do but worth mentioning since this is a pricy crate option.

  8. deb.depew

    This dog crate is perfect for our frenchie and is plenty of space for her bed and a few toys. It matches our home decor and allows us to not have a metal dog crate on permanent display. It only took our daughter 40 minutes to put together (although about 10 of it was spent looking for a screwdriver!).I rate this 5-stars because it meets all of my needs, although there are some cons. It is a bottomless construction and held together by cam locks. However, it feels very sturdy. Another pro about the crate is that the side door actually hinges in two places, allowing it to open the full width of the crate, but because the two side panels and two doors are held closed against the crate by magnets, leaning (or an overstuffed bed) cause the doors to rock open. If you have a crafty dog, I suspect they could weaken how the lock is attached over time. Finally, the wooden bars let plenty of light through, but if you do not have a flat-faced dog, they may be able to chew on the bars.

  9. Trish

    We had a metal cage for awhile and needed the space to be functional too. He loved it immediately! Our dog knows when he is in trouble to go to his crate, but he was very quick to get that this is his space too now and was going in for naps by the next day. It’s a great dog crate!! Only negative is there isn’t a bottom…just the tray. The magnetic wood piece that comes off to take it out, comes off often. Just a minor annoyance.

  10. Missy

    I read most of the reviews AFTER I ordered this (I know, I know) and started to panic when a lot of them weren’t great, specifically about the flimsy locks for the doors. At that point, I figured I’d just have to wait and see for myself. My wait was shorter than expected as the crate arrived a day earlier than anticipated.I unboxed the crate and immediately inspected for defects or missing pieces. All pieces were accounted for but there was a very minor scratch on one of the trim pieces that go on towards the bottom. It was very small and I honestly can’t say if it was shipped like that or if I was not careful and made the scratch when unboxing. It was so tiny though so I was ok with it.The instructions state that it’s best to have two people assemble the dog crate but I did it myself and it was fairly simple. The instructions could be better; there were only pictures and they were not that great either but I was able to figure them out just fine. One thing I think is odd, is that there is a latch that goes on the inside of the double doors. I guess that maybe they added this to make them more secure after receiving customer feedback but it’s in a strange and inconvenient place. It does make those doors much more secure though. I tested how it sturdy the latches were on the double doors without that inside lock and they were pretty flimsy. I locked it back up and it’s very secure again. I have tiny hands so I can maneuver them in to flip the lock but I could see it being an issue for someone with regular to larger sized hands. Now, I have thought that maybe I put the lock on incorrectly but I aligned them with the pre drilled holes and followed the drawing on the instructions; I think it’s just the way it is.In truth, at one point during assembly I thought that it was not going to be sturdy at all but once I tightened the flat screw things (Idk what they’re called) it became much more structurally sound. Dare I say, it’s pretty sturdy! Just don’t turn the screws too tight.Once I finished with the assembly, I was relieved that the crate was better than how it’s described in many of the reviews. It’s super cute! I felt that it wasn’t necessary to use wood glue or attach additional latches, as some have, when I had everything together. I’m not opposed to doing so if I have to in the future, but i think it’ll keep my dog safe and secure as it is now.I will note that the tray that is included is a bit small, but I put my dog’s bed on top of it and that fits perfectly. I have an adult dog and this will work fine for us but, because there isn’t a bottom, I’d probably recommend another crate if you are buying for a puppy or to crate train.Speaking of my dog, I adopted him about a year ago. I bought a canvas crate when he first came home and he did not like it AT ALL. With this new crate though, he’ been lounging in there like he’s owned it for years. He appears very comfortable and seems to love it!Pros:AttractiveEasy to AssembleSturdyDog loves itConsWeird inside placement for extra lock for the double doors (that’s if I assembled it correctly)

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