YAHEETECH 54.5in Cat Tree Tower Condo Furniture Scratch Post for Kittens Pet House Play

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  • 🌱Quality and Protective Materials: The multi-level cat tree is composed of good quality 0.5in particle board with 400g skin-friendly plush covering, reinforced posts are wrapped with natural sisal rope for cats to scratch and sharpen their claws without damaging your own furniture.
  • 🌱Lovely and Lively Designs: 2 spacious hideaway houses offer super soft and warm lounging spots, sisal rope coiled posts help develop positive scratching habit, 3 top perches platform to enjoy the feeling of being at the top of the world and sit on to look out the window, multi-layer tower meets the climbing nature of kittens. With this cat condo, your kitty could enjoy all day on this tree.
  • 🌱Sturdy and Stable: Stability is always the priority. The bottom base is reinforced to ensure the stability of the whole cat tree, anti-toppling fittings are included for double security.
  • 🌱Two Interactive Balls: The cat condo hangs two fur balls which will add extra fun for cats. round platform Dia.: 12”, big room:19.5″Lx9.6″Wx9.4’’H, small room: 11.2″L x 11.2″Wx 9.5’’H, Max Load Capacity up to 44Lb. This cat tree is for small and medium cats, if your cat is too big, pls don’t purchase!
  • 🌱Easy to Assemble and Nice Looking: Its attractive look can be compatible with any room décor as a piece of nice pet furniture.. All the hardware and tools are included. If you have any questions about our cat tower, please feel free to contact us!

10 reviews for YAHEETECH 54.5in Cat Tree Tower Condo Furniture Scratch Post for Kittens Pet House Play

  1. Christine N.

    This took me about an hour to put together and the useful video above is great for reference if you’re unsure which way around something needs to go. No tools needed other than the allan key that comes with it. Every panel and pole comes marked with its’ reference number either stuck on or stamped on the underside; which makes it really helpful and easy to understand. Now I’m just waiting for my cat to come out from under the bed to play on it, but I’m sure she’s going to love it and with the addition of another cat (which we are adopting this week), this is going to prove so useful for them both to play or sleep on. Highly recommend.

  2. Stacie D.

    Really very cool! Bought this for our 3 very active 4 month old kittens. It is sturdy, and despite them leaping all over it, it is steady and will not topple, even on thick carpet and padding (which I was concerned about, but those fears were unfounded). After a month or so of heavy, steady use, it is still perfect, fibers aren’t being torn out, and even the canvas roping is fully intact. They love the hanging balls, and the cord is just long enough for them to pull it to an upper shelf, but not enough to get it wrapped around their throats. There is a strange factory smell, that I’d read about in previous reviews. Although it is present initially, it disappears completely in about 2 days. I would recommend this for very large cats, but for average size cats, or kittens of any age, I’ve never had a better play tree for them. Even as I type, 1 is sleeping on top, and another is in a cubby box smacking at the ball hanging. It’s rarely without at least 1 occupant at any given time. I highly recommend this, the sooner the better if you have little kitten(s) at home. Plus, it gives them a place to vent that pent up energy they always have in the middle of the night. Now, instead of leaping on my feet when I’m sleeping, they’re leaping in the tree instead!

  3. TriedALot

    Which means this wasn’t easy nor was it hard to put together if you’re used to using instructions with pictures only (which I am becoming used to finally). It takes about an hour to hour and a half for one person counting the frustrating moments where you’ll need to stop for a minute and take a sip or two of wine to fortify yourself. So, here’s some tips for the ladies and gentlemen that actually read the reviews (like me) to garner some little nuggets of wisdom from those who’ve come before ourselves. Tip #1: When you’ve lain out all parts to be sure you have everything prior to assembly and come across pics of the condo boxes that are listed in the parts list, don’t panic because you don’t see them. You’ll only have a small and large sleeve that goes over the boxes that you’ll be building (Which you’ll see in the beginning instructions on the back). Tip #2: When putting the big box together, pay attention to top and bottom numbers and make sure you line up the two holes on top and bottom (I had to take apart later because I didn’t do this) Also, this will be the back of your box when putting the sleeve (plush material) on the finished box. Once you get past the middle level, it’s much easier going. So, enjoy your project and your wine (or choice of mood enhancer) and relax when needed. It isn’t brain surgery, but, it does have its’ moments of madness.

  4. Diane Baker

    Wow, like this lady never buys me anything then on Christmas morning I wake up to this. . . this THING. I usually get screamed at or sprayed with water when I scratch the furniture but the lady gave me TREATS when I scratched this thing. I wasn’t sure about climbing it right away but then this little red dot appeared and moved around, I HAD to chase it up the new thing. When I did, I realized this thing is stable, soft and has tons of places to sleep. The lady seems to be ok with me using it for me, I haven’t seen her try and climb it yet. I hope she never does, I love this thing, it’s mine.

  5. Allison Cope

    Bought this as I had just brought home 2 kittens and they absolutely loved it, especially the perch at the top and the ball hanging from it. I sat it in front of my window so they’re always using it to look out. They’ve gotten bigger now and starting to outgrow it but over all I still think it’s a great purchase for a small cat who loves to climb. Great quality and super easy to put together, I love the blue color too.

  6. Leslie

    We’re new as pet parents and took in a kitten, who really enjoys playing with the little tether balls more than climbing and hopping on the cat condo so far. It’s pretty well made I’d say, a wobble but with highly sturdy materials. The kind of wobble to be expected for tall items on carpet, but it’s not an issue being I wouldn’t ever out this in the middle of a room and not against a wall.The item came with vague instructions and it took less than an hour for us to put it together (two people). It’s not complicated if you can get the hang of building Ikea furniture or such.I appreciate the materials and it’s size and value. It’s a great value for what you get.Side note, fantastic customer service team. I had asked a vague question and they eagerly tried to answer thoroughly.

  7. Sarah Bowen

    I gave this product five stars because it is well worth considering how cheap it is.A lot of people mentioned that it wobbles a lot but after tightening them all to their max it is really sturdy. It rocks a little when he’s shifting his weight on it but that’s to be expected such as how a bed moves when your changing positions.I consider my cat to be on the larger size but he fits very nicely inside the top house. It was recommended for kittens and medium cats so I was nervous but he has no problem getting in there. He’s 10 years old so he’s not hyper or anything and takes his time getting to the top.I recently had an issue with a neighbor and had to keep him inside when he’s been an outside cat most of his life. So I was pleased to find something so affordable that would give him a spot in the house to retreat to.I attached two pictures. One of him laying in it and the other to show you how big he is and yet still manages to get in with no problem!

  8. Stephanie Aquino

    This is giant and sturdy. It took the cats a few days to get used to it but now they’re there all the time. One cat is 7 lbs and the other is about 12 lbs. Definitely a GREAT value.

  9. Mrs. Shirley N. Panick

    Directions could have been more informative but, my husband and I just looked at the pictures which made it pretty clear. One of our cats was in it writhing half hour lol. Very sturdy, looks nice. Wanted a place for them to feel safe as we adopted a dog recently, she pays no mind to our cats but, cats have been just with me and my husband for 10 years so was a bit of a culture shock . So now they have a place to feel secure even though there is no worries lol. One of cats has always been very nervous even of inanimate things, she is the worst . They seem happy with thier own little condo lol.

  10. Sam

    Let me start off by saying that this was actually really impressive. After I bought it all I could think was “man, I should have paid more because this might not b what I’m expecting”. I was wrong. It was very easy to put together. It too me about being hour but I was also watching Netflix and not really trying to get it up that quick anyway. It’s soooooo soft and the measurements are accurate.I put it up and my cat instantly was interested. Now it’s her safe place. 🙂 if I can’t find her I look inside the top hut and she is usually there. It’s sturdy too. I’m very impressed. I’ll definitely be recommending it to my fellow cat friends 🙂

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