WIKI Cat Tree has Scratching Toy with a Ball Activity Centre Cat Tower Furniture Jute-Covered Scratching Posts Grey

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Material Engineered Wood, Faux Fur
Brand WIKI
Package Dimensions 17.17 x 13.62 x 7.83 inches; 17.48 Pounds

10 reviews for WIKI Cat Tree has Scratching Toy with a Ball Activity Centre Cat Tower Furniture Jute-Covered Scratching Posts Grey

  1. A Q Wolf

    I bought this multi-level cat tree because our kitten has destroyed her first one-level tree with… enthusiasm. She loves the scratching posts at every level but what she really adores is just how soft and cuddly the plush is. She is constantly trying out new spots for her nap time and is loving every inch of it.I particularly love how sturdy it is. I believe I could stand on it and it would hold my weight without any problem, so my 5# Siamese can do ANYTHING to it and I have the utmost confidence that this tree can take it and more.Honestly, the only drawback at all was the directions. It was a single-sided page of drawings and tiny print. That being said, if you look at them along with the pics of the various angles on Amazon, it isn’t hard to figure out.I am most pleased with this purchase. I would purchase it again… and again… and again.

  2. Cassidy

    Cat loves it. First thing she did was collect up all of her catnip and stored it in the cubbyhole. Strung some black lights and hung beads from entry way. Sign went up “ free buzz the first time” Hands and chills in the basket. I started noticing neighborhood cats stopping by. At all hours of day and night. Amazon scout started showing an accelerated shipment of packages. “ catnip” I had a talk with her and told her to watch her butt. People keep track of this stuff. Weeks and weeks go by. New lazers, designer balls, electronic vermin. Quite the organization. The dark glasses got me a little frightened. Careful what you ask for.

  3. Ash

    This is actually a really great cat tree! Especially for the price! They don’t use the cat scratchers on it tho… but both my cats enjoy it and love sleeping in it! And playing around on it! I’m gonna have to get leather patches to wrap around the scratchy parts (my cats love to scratch up leather) but other than that it’s great! The instructions are…vague: I followed the pictures for the most part but it could do with some better instructions. It also does topple over (tho that might be because of my cats launching themselves at it) occasionally. Noting some weights at the bottom can’t fix tho! Look tbh cat trees are ridiculously expensive. Go to Petco and you’ll be lucky to buy the bottom piece for 50$. It’s a good cat tree and great for two cats. You can put toys around it and secure it to it for them to play with, as well treat boxes for them to figure out how to get too. So much can be done with this tree.

  4. Anonymous Buyer

    The package was a lot heavier than I expected. Going through the pieces it appeared that the smallest platform was missing but it was inside the platform that goes on the very top, I was just assuming it was all one piece. All pieces needed were in there including the little allen wrench needed to tighten all the screws.The instructions are pretty much just pictures but it’s fairly easy to figure out. Pay attention to make sure you’re attaching the pieces correctly. I was in a hurry and initially attached the hideaway box backwards on the lower pieces, luckily it was an easy fix. Overall, it probably took me about 30 mins to get it all assembled. My cat kept trying to jump in it before I was done so it’s safe to say he likes it.The fully assembled tower feels sturdy and like it should hold up well. Only time will tell.

  5. Kabrina

    I never write reviews but I really needed to for this tree. My 4 month old kitty loves it! She naps in it and plays hard. It was very easy to assemble and is a really good quality! Cat trees are expensive and I was very surprised at this price for such a high quality cat tree! BUY IT!! You won’t regret it. My kitty is obsessed

  6. Robyn Skinner

    I bought this for my 18 year old cat in attempt to keep her off my desk while I’m working. She weighs under 10 lbs so it is stable for her but I feel like the little bed might not be stable for a heavier cat. Well constructed and easy to assemble. I sprinkled catnip all over it the first day to get her to explore it; it worked now she loves it!

  7. TammyG

    We have had this for over 6 months now with pretty much constant use. All I can say is that my cats are in love with it! There’s no way it can’t get a little wobbly with two rambunctious 1-yo cats jumping on it all day, but it’s easy to tighten from the bottom. Highly recommend this cat tree!

  8. N. Meador

    It was easy to assemble with an electronic screwdriver but would have probably taken a lot of time and effort with the tool provided. It’s sturdy except for a little side-to-side wobble, especially if my cat went on the top platform. I put a felt pad under the side leg for a little more support. Cat loved all the features… just rarely sat on the top platform (maybe because of the slight wobble).

  9. Buyer

    I looked ALL OVER Amazon for an inexpensive, sturdy, easy-to-assemble cat tower that was actually big enough for a normal-sized cat. THIS IS IT! If you’re doing your research, get this one.It’s pretty big. It’s not one of the giant, mega condos, but what do you expect for the price?Pretty sturdy. See above – it’s not sturdy as concrete, you didn’t pay much for it. However, my cat is 10 lb, and has yet to even rock it.SUPER easy to assemble, even for an engineering imbecile like me. You don’t need any parts that don’t come in the box.Like I said, my cat is 10 lb. She’s not GIANT, but certainly not small, she’s a pretty big girl. She loves the hut and has tons of space in there, fits just fine into the hammock. The very top platform is a little small – I put a pillow on there, and she’s just fine.GET THIS ONE!Updated after 2.5 months : DEFINITELY A GREAT PURCHASE! I talked about the platform on to being small, but it’s actually her favorite part to sit on. She just discovered the little ball that dangles down, and has been having a little fun. She’s never scratched it, so I can’t attest to that durability. But the structure has been ROCK SOLID. THIS CAT TOWER HAS NEVER WOBBLED.1 YEAR LATER: SHE STILL LOVES THIS THING! She scratches the post half-heartedly, none of the twine has come off. The posts get a teeny bit wobbly occasionally, but just twisting them back on into place fixes it. The platform part I said was too small is her favorite. The only thing I have that’s close to a complaint is a haven’t figured out a great way to clear fur out of the weird fuzz/fake fur that covers it.

  10. Shaunna Richards

    At first my cat was a little afraid of it but he quickly warmed up to it after I placed some treats on it. Now he spends alot of time either looking out the window on the top part or sleeping in the basket. For some odd reason he won’t have anything to do with going in the little room but I suspect that’s just because he lived 2 years of his life in a cage before I adopted him so enclosed spaces freak him out. He loves this and it was alot cheaper than alot of other cat trees I saw so I couldn’t be happier and I’m glad I bought it.

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