Vesper Cat Furniture, Cat Trees, Cat Condo, Pet Play House

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Target Species Cat
Color Walnut
Material Wood and memory foam
Pattern Walnut

About this item

  • Elegant yet practical line of cat furniture that satisfies the daily activity needs of fussy felines
  • Cat tower has a cube with multiple exits for your cat to relax (or play) in
  • Soft memory foam cat bed cushions
  • Has cat scratching posts for your kitty to scratch
  • Base: 22.1 x 22.1 inches; Height 47.9 inches

10 reviews for Vesper Cat Furniture, Cat Trees, Cat Condo, Pet Play House

  1. Melissa Monette

    I read mixed reviews and was hesitant to buy cause people said their cat wouldn’t go near it! MY CAT WONT STAY OFF OF IT!! Did I mention how absolutely stunning this piece is? I just renovated my entire main level(and it looks amazing) but the first thing everyone comments on is the cat tree haha! Do buy! If your cat isn’t interested put her on it pet her a little then let her explore:)

  2. Sonia W

    I LOVE THIS kitty tree! It is a VERY sturdy durable piece! I bought the walnut V-High Base. The other completely carpeted kitty trees I have bought in the past may have more seating options and other cute little cubbies and such, but these never hold up for long and become loose and wiggle over time and you can’t tighten them. You have to just throw them out. The other ones are also a real pain to clean with that carpeting all over them not to mention how messy the carpeting looks after being scratched over time. This one is not as tall as those other carpeted ones I have bought, but my kitties don’t seem to care. It is sturdy, of great quality and has not had to be tightened even once since I bought it about a year ago now. I love it and it looks more like a piece of furniture. The little mats are attached to the sitting areas by velcro and could be removed if needed for cleaning. I have just simply vacuumed the mats and have not had the need to launder them. (I would think soaking them instead of putting them in the washer would be a better option mostly because of the velcro.) If kitty gets rid of a hair ball, I simply wiped it and cleaned it with a wet rag. The cubby area may seem to be a bit small for my older larger cats, but they still fit in it and love it this way. I added a little blanket to make it more comfortable for them on the sides that are opened so they are not resting on the hard edges. They also love the sitting areas with the soft thick mats. I even bought one for my daughter’s kitties! You WON’T be disappointed! You will never buy another carpeted kitty tree after owning this one!

  3. The Overlord

    Quality build, easy as heck to put together, and so easy to clean. My ONLY complaint is that the “cave” box orientation requires the cat to jump up into the box, rather than facing the lower platform so an old creaky/massive cat like my big orange tabby can easily climb up into the box. I wound up drilling two new holes and turning the box to face the platform, so problem solved (it was super easy), but I would love to see this come with the option to have it turned either way. Younger cats have no issue jumping up in there, but for any over-sized or old cat, that’s not feasible.It’s worth noting, however, that the box does not really fit a large cat well at all. My orange tabby isn’t fat, but he’s a pretty darn big cat (14lbs). He’s obsessed with caves, but he gave up on this after a couple attempts to wedge himself inside. Here I was thinking he’d fit, but as always, once I finally get whatever cave-like product I bought put down for him, I realize just how big he is.I’d say that for anyone with particularly large cats (maine coons, especially) this may not be the tree for you. My shockingly small 4lb main coone (I know, insane right?) doesn’t even use it. I should have realized it before buying it since she’s more of a “bush cat” than a “tree cat” (meaning she prefers to be down low rather than find high perches), she doesn’t use the tree at all. Since my orange behemoth of a cat is old and creaky, he hasn’t used it much either, so do consider the age of your cat. It might not be so easy for them to climb.My sister’s cats, on the other hand, are all over this thing constantly, and she put the cat food up on the top platform so her fat whale of a cat has to burn a few calories hauling her lard-butt up to the top for kibble.

  4. The Catservant

    Very nice product! You do have to follow the picture directions very carefully however. Found a couple of little snags while putting it together but really had it complete in less than an hour by myself, and I’m a 68 year old woman.

  5. Missy K.

    I foster kitties and so I need something I can sterilize jic someone gets sick. This is a beautiful unique cat tree. You can add carpet with velcro or even insulated beds. The scratchers are super sturdy and it provides plenty of kitty shelter even if it is extremely compact and fits in any room big or small. I will be buying from this company again and again as do far they are officially my favorite makers of cat furniture. They seem to “get” what a cat wants, what a cat needs, what ever keeps them happy sets them free and I’m thanking them for knowing exactly…It’s easy to put together for people who can read directions and are not me. However, my boyfriend assembled it pretty easily. Looks like this is a perch cats will get a lot of use out of. Especially if placed next to a window. We got caves for cave dwelling cats. Perches. Beds. It’s amazing.It will really hold up against time and use too.Highly recommend this to all my cat people and friends.

  6. Candice

    Best cat tree around. I’m not a fan of the “carpet trees” due to the accumulation of fur as well as the quickness my cats go through that particular material. I came across a Vesper unit in a store the first time and knew that it would work for our situation.Upon arrival, I noticed how heavy the pieces were in the flat pack. There is only the need of a small tool that’s provided during setup, but if you make sure everything goes in tight, the unit ends up super sturdy. All of the carpet pads are attached via Velcro, so it’s easy to remove for cleaning or replacement. I was skeptical of its ability to keep everything in place with these rambunctious cats, but the velcro’d scratch pad on top has taken a ton of abuse already and has never been torn off.It did take a couple of days of snacks and catnip to get the cats interested, but once I moved it in front of the window, they were hooked. Top perch is still the favorite, though they still haven’t used the poles for scratching or the cube for hiding, so we’ll see how much use those particular features get in the long run.Overall, A++++ would buy again

  7. CaliforniaKitties

    My cats and I have had many cat trees over the years. We are now living with my fiancé who is extremely allergic to cats and so I wanted to get something without carpeting that still had some scratching options and comfort for them. This tree is one of the good ones! The platforms are large enough for adult cats to enjoy and it’s nice and sturdy also. One of my cats just adores the memory foam cushions and often you find him sitting on the top perch making biscuits on one now!

  8. Michelle

    My spoiled cat Helvetica needed a new cat tree. This should be a simple thing but coming from a design background I of course couldn’t have the run-of-the-mill carpet covered cat tree. I literally spent over a week looking for the perfect cat tree.Not only did I want something with some style I also had to find something that fit into the space I had and I wanted something with at least 2 levels. I also am not a huge fan of the carpet covered look and one thing most people don’t realize is that some of these products have formaldehyde so pay attention to that. Finally, I decided on this cat tree and I’m really happy with my decision (and so is my cat).This is quite heavy which is a good thing. The box shown in the beginning was the first of three which is great for a cat owner. 🙂 After getting everything out and organized I got to work. I honestly didn’t time how long it took me to put it together because I was doing a million other things but I would say it didn’t take more than 1/2hr. The hardest part was putting the box together, mostly because it is the first step so I was getting my bearings. Make sure you pay attention to the velcro for the scratch pad- this will tell you which piece is the top. Also, make sure you pay attention to the square- you will want the front and back to match.It is very helpful to be aware of the label on the bottom front this will help you figure out where certain pieces go and keep the picture on the box handy as this helped me a lot too.All of the hardware and tools are included but I did grab a philip’s head screwdriver to make it easier on me.The only other thing I found difficult was trying to keep my cat away while I was trying to build this! The good news is it is very sturdy and my cat loves it. The other good news, we just got a new kitten and she is using the new kitty condo as well. I’m so glad my week of research paid off!

  9. Dot D.

    Much nicer than the typical carpet wrapped scratching posts. Our guys like it. Like the removable, washable and replaceable gel mats. Only suggestion is to add another window to the box for access from the first landing. After using it for a month, drilled extra holes in box top and bottom so we could rotate box 90 degrees. Just works better for us.

  10. Taylor Whitaker

    This package arrived several days ago, but I was intimidated about the assembly so I let it sit for a few days. I decided to tackle it tonight since my husband is not home and will not try to “help” (interfere). I took all of the pieces out of the box and arranged them in the bathroom floor. It is crucial to close the door so that you do not receive feline assistance. Do not be swayed by the constant crying of the cats. They know that there is a party in the bathroom and they are missing out. At first, I was irritated because I felt like some of the holes had not been drilled all of the way through the base of the box and I thought some of the pieces were different than the drawings on the instructions. Here is a crucial piece of advice. WATCH THE YOUTUBE VIDEO! Some kind soul has posted a video on how to assemble this product. The video saved my sanity. Do not hesitate to watch part of it, pause it while you do a little assembly, rewind and watch that part again, and go back to assemble some more. The hardest part is the “box”. Once you have that completed, you are golden. After I finished and brought it out to the living room, the cats LOVED it. I sprayed the cushions with liquid catnip to encourage them to explore. Fat Cat did not fit in the box but I knew when I ordered that he would not. He is a handsome hunk of cat, but at 22 pounds he is pretty large (he is on obesity management food and lost 2 1/2 pounds last year so I hope the trend will continue for the next few years). There were a few skirmishes over territory (we have 3 cats) but I feel like each cat will have claimed his/her spot by the end of the week. I have attached a picture of Annabelle (Siamese mix) and Biscotti (Baby Kitty) exploring the kitty condo.

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