Petsfit Wooden Weatherproof Outdoor Dog Houses for Small Medium Large Dog

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【Large Dog House Outdoor Suitable for Medium to Large Dog Breeds】Our large dog house measures 45.6” L x30.9” W x 32.1” H/28.2” H and the interior is 39.8”L x 23.2” W x 27.4”H/24.3”H. It is ideal for medium to large dog breeds w/ an adult weight up to 80 pounds. Please kindly measure your pets to find the suitable dog shelter before bought.

【Durable Construction and Easy Assembly】100% made of Finnish spruce panels, thicker than others. Manufactured with stainless steel hardware & strong asphalt shingles, the outdoor dog shelter is strong & sturdy for long-lasting protection. It is with pre-drilled holes for quick assembly. PETSFIT stands behind the quality of our dog house with a 1-Year Manufacturer’s.

【Protective Design and Open-up Roof with High-quality Pneumatic Braces】Log cabin design with a slanted asphalt roof & door flap provide protection from the elements and keep the cabin dog house comfortable & dry. And the open-up roof provides easy access for cleaning and airing out the interior to maintain a hygienic dog house.You can put some blankets/bedding into them in winter to keep them warm. Or you could buy PETSFIT Dog House Insulation Kit also.

【Removable Floor with Additional Support Rails, More Sturdy and Easy Cleaning】The outdoor dog kennel is equipped with removable floor, which is convenient for cleaning. And ADDITIONAL SUPPORT RAILS on the bottom also to hold pets better inside. It is a safer and more comfortable pet shelter for your lovely pets.

【Raised Floor with Adjustable Feet Increases Ventilation & Keeps Your Pet Dry】For additional pet protection from harsh weather, the elevated from the ground provides great air circulation and a dry surface for your dog. An adjustable foot are equipped with to create a level platform.

10 reviews for Petsfit Wooden Weatherproof Outdoor Dog Houses for Small Medium Large Dog

  1. Dana M Chaney

    Love the dog house. We needed something off the ground since we occasionally get water up on the porch and didn’t want our dog sleeping in a wet bed. This dog house appears sturdy, the roofing shingle top is not only classy but functional, the lifting lid is much appreciated by myself and my husband so that we don’t have to crawl into the dog house to change out the bedding. Our dog took to it immediately. The bottom of the dog house is slatted so there is an opportunity for venting, that would be great on hot days, we just slapped a bed down over it as soon as we got the dog house though. The dyed wood is tasteful and the white trim is very classy. It was a breeze to put together and is strong enough to handle the rough spinning and clumsiness of our big silly loving dog.

  2. Mia

    This is a beautiful doghouse. Perfect fit for my 20lbs maltipoo. Easy to assemble, parts were labelled well, simple instructions, and few pieces were even premarked. I love how i can lift the roof to be able to clean it, or place her food inside. Its not heavy duty, and we are able to move it easily under our gazebo when its raining and move it out when we need the space.Not only is this product worth the price, the customer service is outstanding. They were so easy to communicate with and the response time was very quick as well. They are very understanding in my very many questions and accommodated with my situation. 5 stars for product and 5 stars for customer service.

  3. S. Berry

    Very impressed with the weight and quality of this house. Absolutely no problem putting it together. Directions were a little sketchy on the roof assemble, but I muddled thru. (Note:The little legs in the middle of the floor go in a specific direction or the middle section won’t fit.) My 13 month German Sheperd puppy destroys indestructible rubber cattle feed buckets. I think the house will withstand. I wanted to add a heat mat and ordered the 

    K&H Manufacturing Lectro-Kennel Heated Pad with FREE Cover Large 22.5″ x 28.5″

     but knew it would be destroyed. Here’s my solution. I used some of the styrofoam from the house packaging and padded the floor the pad didn’t cover, then covered the whole floor with 

    Canvas Fabric Waterproof Outdoor 60″ wide 600 Denier 15 Colors sold by the yard (1 YARD, Navy Blue)

    . Added 1 x 2 around the edge. She may be able to defeat me, but here’s hoping.*What’s with the pictures rotating???

  4. Mark G

    We bought the medium size for our Shiba Inu, I was a bit worried it was going to be too big for him. I think is a perfect size for him, he can move around and stand up comfortably. Not too big not too small. We were able to perfectly fit his Barkbox memory foam bed. He seems very happy. We keep the house inside so I dont know how it performs outdoors. The roof is the real deal it has a very solid shingled roof. We love we can open the roof for easy access to clean it up. Our favorite part it perfectly fits our decoration, all our friends think we custom ordered the house because it looks very similar to our house. I think is an excellent price would definitely buy again.

  5. Paige

    This little house did the trick. I live in an apartment and have a 6-lb chihuahua that has a hard time going to the bathroom in the snow. Here in Michigan it can get so cold and the snow gets deep, so she is not able to easily go to the bathroom outside. I was able to set up a little potty station very easily inside of this dog house with puppy pads and it works perfectly out on our balcony. She loves it!I had to take the front clear flaps off, since she doesn’t like pushing through them. Very easy to assemble, although the instructions are pretty vague. Still, pretty easy to follow. I put it together in around 15 minutes! I love the color and it is very cute and sturdy. I also chose this house because of the opening roof for easy access. It did smell strongly of fumes when I first opened the box, but since it will be outside I was not too concerned. Since putting it together, the fumes have faded.Overall great product that I feel will last through the winter and for years to come. Well worth the price.

  6. Aimee Johnson

    I was reluctant to spend the asking price for this, but I’m really glad I did. The wood is very lightweight (which is critical when it comes tone to move the doghouse), except for the roof, which is substantial with the asphalt top.My 85-lb GSD always prefers outdoors to indoors because he overheats easily. But when the rain started a few weeks ago, he slept inside every night (his previous house had fallen apart and was hauled off).He has barely been inside since I set this thing up. I assembled by myself, at night with a headlamp, and it took me about 45 minutes.All the pre-drilled holes were aligned, and all hardware was included. I did not have a single damaged part.This house seems sturdy enough. It has remained completely dry inside, but it also sits against my house, under a very narrow eave.I would definitely recommend this. I’ve seen heavier-duty, custom-built dog houses that were more substantial, but they also weighed WAY too much to move once assembled. This one has surpassed my expectations, which were relatively high.

  7. Alex

    SERIOUSLY GREAT.I recommend this product to anyone.Especially senior dogs.A large and small dog EASILY and HAPPILY fit.Best purchase ever.

  8. C. Keys

    Our 90 lb German Shepherd has gone through 3 dog houses. These dog houses look VERY similar to this product, but were purchased at a store for Smart Pets. Despite the 60 lb weight limit, we went with it.Our 8 year old, German Shepherd is basically Snoopy and loves to lay on TOP of the dog house. Needless to say, the 3, 60lb limit dog houses eventually succumbed to wear and tear of our beloved Albie jumping on and off. Even the inside, which had a VERY similar slat-floor system would break down due to weight.This dog house arrived yesterday and can say it is a completely different class of dog house. The cross bars on the bottom give an incredible amount of rigidity to the base. My concerns of the slat flooring wearing out are alleviated. The Roof is made of much thicker siding material and I’m certain will support her 90 lb weight for a much longer period than the previous 3 models purchased elsewhere.

  9. Jane Doe

    I’m a repeat customer. This is one of my 2 favorite outdoor houses and, being a cat lady, I’ve tried probably 6 different types over the years. (The other top pick is Kitty Tube which is great if your cat is slim-ish + is willing to enter a narrow opening… neither of which apply to our current outdoor cat.) (I try out multiple products, keep the few we like the best, and give away the rest.)I’m pretty sure this particular cat will need to have the plastic flap off because it’s quite stiff/ thick and this is not a very pushy-dominant cat. I’ll try later, but I doubt he will.It’s cold & windy and the cat climbed in soon after I built it. I didn’t notice chemical smells as I built it.I like how it’s raised from the ground (it rains here in the Pacific NW), the lid has water repellant roofing material, the entrance is wide, the lid lifts up, I’m able to build it myself, it’s sturdy but not heavy so I can move it as needed by myself, and the roof (despite the slant) has historically also been used for cats to lay upon, also.I use a ($15-20) Therm-A-Rest Ridge Rest Classic Foam Camping Sleep Mat (regular 72”x20”) to line the right + bottom + left walls to bouce the cat’s warmth back to him plus a Best Friends cat cuddler bed.

  10. Cheryl

    When I was setting up the pieces to make sure I had everything I was a little concerned that they might be too flimsy, but once the whole thing is put together it feels very sturdy.It was very easy to put together, it took me less than an hour. You just hold the sides up to the front or back and screw them in from the side into the pilot holes, then add the fourth side and screw that in too. Screw the extra feet into the two support rails for the bottom, screw in the rails, then drop in the three piece floor. The hardest part was putting on the roof. It’s a tongue-and-groove connection to the back of the house on a hinged piece (the hinges are pre-installed) and it’s pretty heavy, so I had a little trouble getting that piece to stay where it needed to be so I could slide it in. If I had someone helping me it would have been easy. I didn’t bother with the pieces that secure the roof to the house for holding the roof upright because it’s not really necessary. The roof is already secure because of the way it’s slotted into the back and I can just hold it open with one hand while I remove bedding with the other. Other than a couple of minutes trying to make sure which way the roof is supposed to slant (toward the back) I sailed through this like it was nothing.I bought this for six feral cats I’m taking care of, and they’ll all easily fit inside with room left over for a doghouse heater.The only drawback is that there are slight gaps in the floor, but the feet will keep it away from moisture and a pad on the floor should keep too much cold air from seeping in. The only thing remaining to be seen is how well it will keep out rain, but I put a lantern inside and didn’t see any light from the outside, so it seems to be pretty tightly constructed.

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