Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree

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(10 customer reviews)


Material Engineered Wood
Color Black
Brand Go Pet Club
Product Dimensions 27 x 38 x 62 inches; 38 Pounds

About this item

  • 62″ Black Cat Tree
  • This cat tree is made from highly durable compressed wood and wrapped with a premium faux fur finish to keep your cats warm and cozy. Multiple scratching posts that are covered by natural sisal ropes and posts are also perfect for your cats to scratch, climb, play and be active.
  • All cats need a healthy balance of play and rest. With it’s many fun holes, ropes, and jumps, this cat tree will be sure to enable your cat to play while also ensuring your cat’s rest because of the numerous comfortable nests along the tree.

Product Specs:

  1. Overall Size : 38″W x 27″L x 62″H
  2. Base Board Size : 26″W x 19″L
  3. Size of Condo : 10.5″ Dia x 12.5″H
  4. Size of Top Perch : 13.25″W x 13.25″L x 2.75″H

10 reviews for Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree

  1. Brittany

    My cats took a shine to this immediately! Assembly was not difficult. The instructions are step-by-step pictures. It took me about 40 minutes to assemble. Assembly is rough on the back and knees, so you may need to take a break. I powered through it. My cats began laying and scratching the various parts as soon as I removed them from the box and continued to play as I assembled the product. The condo and the tube are definitely intended for kittens. My little 8 pound cat may be able to squeeze into the condo, but definitely not the tube. My 14.5 pound cat is content to lay on the hammock on the upper level.Overall, the construction is good and seems sturdy enough. The most difficult part about assembly was attaching the the ladder as there is little space and gravity is working against you. I have only just received it today, but thus far I am satisfied with the purchased. I will update further if I discover anything particularly great or terrible about it.

  2. Camille

    Assembly was pretty easy and feels sturdy enough for my 8 lb cat. The little hanging basket thing is probably only big enough for a kitten, but everyone knows the “if i [barely] fits, I sits” rule. There is a screw that may be compromising some reviewers’ trees, making them unsteady or loose after some wear and tear. It’s a double ended screw and some people may not be distributing its threads equally between posts (because it is possible to keep screwing it past it’s designated point). If you screw the post in without holding the screw in place, it will keep screwing further into the initial (wrong) post leaving very little support for the post you are trying to attach. Overall this cat tree is very sturdy if built correctly and my cat loves it. Would highly recommend.If you found this review helpful, rate it helpful. It would be much appreciated!

  3. Kt

    Got this for my kitty when he was around 4-6 months old (he was a stray so we don’t know his exact age) He LOVED it! He liked climbing to the top and sleeping :)…he was too big for the second tier round house thing but he will stick his head in there and get treats if one is in there. The steps are pointless for my cat..he never has used them that I have noticed..I left them on because they are “cat scratch” material so he may decide he wants to use them for that but since we’ve had the cat tree (about 7 months) he hasn’t used the stairs. He doesn’t like the hammock on the bottom either..but he is too fat to get in it! Over all it is a good cat tree and it is worth the money..it took about 30-45 mins to put together and it did have instructions with it. We would buy this tree again. My Kitty is about 10-12 pounds and it can hold him on the top tier…he isn’t as interested in it as he was when we first got it, but overall i am pleased with the quality of it and happy we purchased it! It came fast and was packaged very NICE!

  4. Heather Riddles

    I’ve had it for about 2 weeks now. I have 3 cats, one large lazy old cat and 2 extremely energetic cats, the energetic cats are medium-sized. I live in a small living space and I wanted something they could scratch and climb on. They didn’t mess with it for a couple of days, I think because it had that peculiar “new product smell” out of the box. I had to entice them with catnip. Their favorite part of it is the dangling rope, they like to snatch it up with their paw and bite it. They LOVE scratching on the tan rope areas of the poles, my brand new leather couch remains unharmed thanks to this cat tree. I saw some reviews that complained about it moving when a cat climbs up it. That’s just going to happen with any of these types of products, I’ve owned many of these in the past and compared to them this one barely does it. I suggest placing it against a corner or a wall as this helps it from teetering when a cat aggresively climbs to the top of it. I also read complaints about the black fuzzy coating coming off into the carpet, so right out of the box I was ready with my vaccum cleaner and its attachable hose. I cleaned the black pieces and then assembled it, and I have had no black fuzzy problems since doing that. I’m glad I did it too, my vaccum cleaner’s tank was filled to the top with little black fuzzies! Assembly took me about 30 minutes, the chart is easy to read and has visual and numbered steps to follow, it comes with everything you need to assemble it with. Some reviews say this is better for kittens or smaller cats, I assure you even my large old cat enjoys climbing to the top as much as the smaller cats. If you’re having a problem getting your kitty to utilize this cat tree I highly suggest sprinkling some catnip on it. As you can see my two energetic cats love it, the small gray one has taken a shine to the hanging basket (only after persuading her with catnip) and the other climbs to the top and thinks she’s queen of the castle. I actually modified the hammock on the bottom to have a hard surface instead of being a hanging piece of cloth, they still don’t use it but they like to hide underneath it and ambush each other. The hammock hangs down from hooks so if they don’t like it you can remove it easily. The cat tree is not nearly as wide as I pictured it, but it’s perfect for me and my small living space. I’m 5’3″ tall and it stands slightly taller than myself. I feel I definitely got my money’s worth. The cats are happy and it’s fun to watch them play on it.

  5. Marcster

    I didn’t plan on buying two identical cat trees, but they had this one on sale for Prime Day, so I ended up buying a second one (so now I have one in the living room and the other in the master bedroom.) Assembly is straightforward, and they give you a combination Phillips head screwdriver and hex key, but assembly will go much faster if you have a ratcheting screwdriver.The hooks that they give you to hang the hammock are completely worthless — you can’t screw them in all the way because they’ll poke through the floor of the next level. And if you don’t screw them in all the way, then the cat will jostle the hammock out of the hook and then a corner will fall out. My solution is to screw the loop from each corner of the hammock to the bottom of the next level with coax cord clips (the kind you would use for TV cable.) Problem solved.My cat *loves* the bowl-shaped perch that is midway up the cat tree, he curls up and sleeps in it. He also enjoys the upper perch.

  6. Mitch Cambareri

    I spent a lot of time looking for the perfect cat tree for my basement home theater. I wanted to protect my new couch and keep the cats from scratching it. I had some very specific dimensional requirements and knew that my cats liked the wrapped rope style scratchers. the place in the basement where I wanted to put it was 74″ tall which gave me a foot to work with above. Unfortunately for the one cat who likes to go to the top, its not QUITE enough room to jump down. I have a couple larger cats so the hammock, bowl, and covered areas go unused, but they still add to the overall look and appeal of the tree. The cats use the rope legs like crazy and it has held up fairly well in the 5 months they have used it. I would estimate another 6-10 months before repair or replacement is necessary. Overall it is a very sturdy tree even to the top. The black portion of this tree has a velvety feel to it and is a bit tough/solid to my touch, but the kitties don’t mind a bit and sleep all over this thing! Best part, couch is in tact!

  7. Davinah Smith

    I have two relatively large cats (~12lbs each) that love this thing. Reading some other reviews, I was worried that they were too big (and would ultimately not use it). One of my cats spends a lot of time in the basket. It is a little snug but she seems to enjoy being cradled. The hammock and hide-out space on the second level are not useful as they fit small kittens best. However, my cats really enjoy the other spaces and hanging out here. I set this up alone and it took about 30 minutes. I have been using this for over 1 year without any problems.*UPDATE* I will have had this for 3 years this coming December. The bottom tiers are still going strong, but as some other reviewers have mentioned the top perch is now broken and the stairs have detached. I’m leaving this as 5 stars still, though, because for $70 it lasted quite a while for my cats.Please rate this review as “helpful” if it helped you! Thanks

  8. mytwosons

    I read reviews extensively before purchasing. I was looking for a good size cat tower. I’m 5’4″ and I still have to look up slightly to see our cats on the top perch. I expected that since I read the measurements. I was nervous that the tower would be wobbly, but my husband tightened all the screws securely. No issues. Took about 45 minutes to set up with easy to follow instructions. Parts and assembly wrench included. We have a 16 year old senior Kitty (9 lbs) and a 4 year old rescue kitty on a diet (13 lbs). Both seemed to know this was their house we were building. Immediately started playing with all the parts before assembly. The cat condo is smaller, but our senior cat enjoys curling up inside. They both like the top perch and our 4 year old has claimed it to be her spot. At 13 lbs, it holds her well and is not wobbly. The carpet material did leave fuzzies when taking out of the packaging and assembling. After vacuuming the assembled cat house with handheld, all loose carpet fuzzies were gone. Over all, great piece and happy cats. Dog may be jealous 😉 I think we got a great deal on this as I’ve seen comparable pieces in pet stores for over $150. Got this for around $70.

  9. avery

    Nice, heavy, wide cat furniture.I have been leary to spend my hard earned money on cat furniture because everything I’ve gotten in the past was flimsy and far too costly for what it was and cheap construction.I’ve mulled over the small two level cat furniture in the big box store countless times and simply couldn’t bring myself to spend $50 of my money on something that I can lift the box from the store shelf with two fingers, no way that’s going to be safe for my 16lb Maine coon mix to bounce off of. Nope.But, I have been wanting to get my five cats SOMETHING of their own ( besides the beds, the couches, the baskets, the laundry nests they make themselves in the clean laundry) not just a bed but something to PLAY ON too.I’m not disappointed.Other than deciphering assembly instructions with not one single WORD on them, and the extra ten minutes it took me to realize that the assembly instructions for the ladder/ramp were in the last section of the “parts lists”, this was very easy to put together.The screws and double sided bolts that hold this thing together are large enough and long enough that I’m confident my big guy can jump around on it without it wobbling or crashing down around him. *It also was difficult to find the tiny predrilled holes for the hooks that hold the bottom hammock, but I found them eventually.*Definitely worth my $70.Now, I just need to teach my cats that is perfectly acceptable for more than one of them to play or sleep on the thing at a time.**The small round hanging bed easily held my 9lb kitty while she napped. Before purchase, I worried it would be flimsy but it has a sturdy metal loop for the body of it. Kinda impressive really**

  10. Twitch

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     The tree is amazing. I’ve had it for 6 months now and it’s starting to show signs of wear, but it’s survived my 5 month old and 7 week old kitten (at time of purchase) as their primary scratching post. For the money, you can’t lose. Took about 25-30 minutes to put together without any issues. My parents were so impressed with the price and quality that they bought one for their 4 cats, and have seen no problems.My Norwegian Forrest Cat is now nearly a year old and 10 pounds, and there is zero stability problems as he jumps all over it, and climbs up the back side to the top deck.Surprisingly sturdy. The picture shows 6 months of wear on the bottom post, which I consider more than acceptable with it being their only scratching post for 6 months.

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