Catry, Large Activity Cat Tree Scratching Post Activity Center Wooden Carpet 40-50 Inch

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Material Plush, Medium density fibreboard, Sisal
Color Begie
Brand Catry
Product Dimensions 19 x 19 x 50 inches; 26.38 Pounds

About this item

  • This multi-level cat tree features one large hammock, half tunnel up top, and four levels of carpet covered platforms.
  • Interactive playground for multiple cats.
  • Built with 2 large Paper Rope posts, to allow cats to scratch in a desired environment.
  • Features two pom-pom toys to attract and entertain your cats.
  • Measuring 20″L x 20″W x 50″H, a larger cat tree provides adequate room for your cat to rest, play, and exercise.

10 reviews for Catry, Large Activity Cat Tree Scratching Post Activity Center Wooden Carpet 40-50 Inch

  1. Aine Letcher

    If my cat could write this review she’d say this tree is pawsome! She is so in love with it that within just these two weeks the scratching posts are all dismantled and she still can’t get enough. She loves every floor but she rests mostly on the bottom or the very top one. The only issue is the entrance to the third floor (the “tunnel”). She just doesn’t feel like using that bent platform to jump into the hole. She tried a couple of times but she’d get stuck a bit and would have to push through to get in. She’s a very fluffy cat and the hole isn’t that big. So I bought another, much smaller cat tree from this same company to use it as a “platform” for her to get into the third floor which is successfully uses.I want to take a moment and acknowledge separately what a design masterpiece this cat tree is! Really, the carpets, the plush around them, the colors, the overall built quality, we are absolutely in love with it!

  2. Andrea

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     I have a BIG tomcat named Carl (21 lbs). Poor Carl has been too big for most cat trees. I wasn’t even finished assembling this thing before Carl was all over it. He fit great, LOVES the half-pipe tube, and wore himself out playing with the attached toys. Maybe the extra exercise will help him drop an lb or two. Assembly was a cinch, no tools needed except the Allen wrench that came with. I put it together alone in about 15 minutes. I probably could have done it quicker without Carl trying to climb on it while being built.

  3. Cherise

    ***Update 12/16/2020***So far this is one of the best kitty purchases I have made of all the kitty stuff I got (and I got a lot)! Kitten is now home and loves this tower! She sleeps on it during they day and also loves running up and down it during zoomies and it holds up. For reference, she is currently 2.6 lbs and I have this tower on carpet (which I believe is a tiny bit less stable than if it were on hard surface flooring).Currently her tiny claws aren’t destroying any of the fleece bits which I believe some reviewers say will be the first to go, so I’ll update further on this as needed. Because she’s so small right now, she actually prefers to scratch the smallest pole on the bottom that holds the bottom step! She sleeps on either the top part or the curved step below that. Definitely worth the purchase.***Original Review***I’m preparing to get a cat so I’ll adjust my review later once the cat uses it. This is purely a review about my experience building it and my initial impressions.I ordered this on sale and then it came only a few days later. I opened it up and made sure all the pieces were in the box then began building. instructions were very straight forward and for me it wasn’t too difficult to build by myself (5’2” and I’d gauge my strength as somewhere on the weaker side of the spectrum). I’d say it would be a little easier with a friend to help hold the tree sometimes but overall it was fine.Even though I measured out how big it would be, it is still surprisingly small when you actually build it. I feel like this is fine though as I didn’t want to start off with a monster sized cat tree. I have it on carpet next to a wall. It seems sturdy but could definitely wobble if a cat kicked off in a certain way, so having it by the wall will hopefully help.I like the appearance as it’s not as monstrous as many of the cat trees on the market and the price seemed like good value for what I got. I already anticipate that the fleece bits will get shredded quickly and I figure I’ll just buy some sisal rope or sisal fabric later to attach when the fleece falls off.Overall I think I will like this cat tree and I just hope my cat will also like it!

  4. TP

    I have two cats. One is a very, very outgoing cat and another is basically the physical version of anxiety if it had a tail. He never leaves our dining chair. It’s what we call his “Safe Seat” and he’ll spend 15+ hours there a day, avoiding all contact. That is, until this cat tree arrived!Holy smokes! He’s like a brand new cat. He loves to play in it, and the upper level “taco shell” area is his favorite. He’s completely ditched the chair to nap in the taco, which is great for us because we’ve placed it in an area where we get to socialize with him much more. He now feels brave enough to get pets every once in a while and he feels safe enough to sleep there even if there is activity around.Our other cat, the outgoing one, loves to play with the fluffy ball attached to the scratcher! We just bought a brand new couch and neither cat has tried to scratch the sofa. They go straight for this thing and scratch to their hearts content. WE LOVE THIS SO MUCH! I’ll definitely be getting another one so they don’t have as many boxing matches over who gets to nap in the taco shell. 10000000% recommend!

  5. June

    Our two kitties love it! Took some warming up to get them interested, but sprayed some catnip spray and then they explored! The little attached ball things were gone/chewed off almost immediately. Nice covered surfaces, definitely a step up from the cheap plastic carpeting that covers most cat trees. Our bigger, grown cats love to sleep in the tunnel (one at a time) or chase toys all around the levels. Big hit!

  6. M. Kaforey

    Yes, our kitten acts like a monkey. She loves this tree. Well constructed. Everything is holding up even though our kitten hangs off it, lunges for it, and scrambles all over it. Directions were easy to follow, all the pieces were there, and my husband put it together in one evening.* sidenote: we initially had an “issue” with a missing bolt for the bottom. We looked around everywhere and did not find it. So we assumed that it was due to packaging. We sent word to the company and in less than a week they sent us a packet with the missing bolt. After going to all this trouble, we did find the bolt. There was NO packing issue at all. Our kitten dragged it off and hide it in our bed! Not even 4 months old and she is dragging a bolt half the side of her! We contacted the company but things were already set in motion to send us the missing piece. So beware…it is your cat and not the company.Super support. We love the product. And will continue to buy their products.

  7. Christine

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     My kitten loves this tree!! She stretches and scratches the post ALL the time and loves the different levels. I always find her napping in the half pipe. She loves to lay there and look out the window. Getting a new kitten I was worried about my beautiful leather sectional but she hasn’t even gone near it ! It’s super sturdy and was really reasonable!! I’d buy this again without a doubt!

  8. ServantOfACat

    I have seen several cat trees after they have been used for a while. Many of them are wobbling each time the cat jumps on. My cat is a larger breed. He would destroy the regular cat trees in no time. This unit went together quickly and is very sturdy. My cat can be found frequently on the top shelf and enjoys it. He even stopped scratching my couch! Win-win!

  9. .d.

    This is a very cool cat tree- multiple levels feature a small-ish tunnel, small landing, & upper “hammock” that my kitty isn’t yet comfortable sleeping on. Overall, the wood base makes it sturdy and stylish (it matches the color of our hardwood floors- kind of medium walnut brown color).My only minor disappointment was that I thought it would be carpeted – instead of using regular shag carpet, the manufacturers used a soft faux fur-like fabric. Not a deal breaker, but I would have preferred a regular floor carpet covering bc it withstands scratching better. Sisal scratching posts are great & overall our medium-sized kitty loves it for a quick lounge or perch in our living room.

  10. DJB

    Purchased one month ago for 2 cats. This is an excellent prefabricated tree. Extremely simple to assemble, and the the parts are solidly made. Refreshing in the nightmarish world of ugly carpeted wobbly cat trees. Cats immediately took to it without coaxing, and the aesthetic is non-distracting (dare I say attractive and interesting?). The only inconvenience are the sticky pads that adhere the pad to the top shelf – not quite as sticky as they should be and I replaced with some from Home Depot, but this is incredibly minor. 100% would recommend.

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