Basics Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts, Cat Condo, Cat Play House

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Material Engineered Wood
Color Beige
Brand Amazon Basics
Style Tree Tower
Product Dimensions 17.72 x 17.72 x 45.88 inches; 24.25 Pounds

About this item

  • Triple-platform indoor cat tree with 7 scratching posts wrapped in jute
  • Round top platform with sides and curved top rim doubles as a cat bed
  • Stable square-shaped base ideal for placement in room corners; made of MDF, carpet, paper tubes, and jute
  • Simple screw-together assembly—instructions and tools included
  • Measures 17.7 x 17.7 x 45.9 inches (LxWxH)

10 reviews for Basics Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts, Cat Condo, Cat Play House

  1. L.L

    This “large” sized cat tower is probably a lot smaller than most people are used to. That being said, we bought it because we were tired of gigantic cat towers, and I wanted to try an Amazon Basics product. I looked at the measurements on a measuring tape before I bought it, and I recommend others do that as well. This thing is extremely sturdy! One benefitIf it being smaller is that it is not top heavy. Some other cat towers I’ve bought (that were the huge kind) made me worry that they would collapse. I feel confident that this tower is sturdy and will not collapse. We have two big cats, one is around 20lbs, and the other is around 16lbs, and they do not fit very well. But regular size cats fit great, as seen in the fluffy cat. I would buy this again. I think this tower will last longer than other towers. Also, the rope on the tower is much higher quality than some I’ve seen. I bought a cat tower from Wal-Mart before I bought this one and I ended up returning it because the rope semeed like it would splinter and hurt my cats.

  2. Thedreamspinner

    My Mr. Tiger wasn’t too sure about it the first few hours after I set it up – but NOW – it’s the first place he goes AFTER his morning rituals of breakfast, brushing, and morning cuddles before racing to hold court on all the neighborhood activities going on outside the huge 3 panel picture window his tree sits center front of.One proviso / warning – My Tiger is a HUGEMONGOUS 18 pound mostly Maine Coon cat – and I had to place a not-so-pretty cement cinder cap block in the bottom as enough weight to secure it – so it doesn’t fall over when he JUMPS onto it from across the room for distance – or when he flies OFF of it when he’s got other important kitty stuff to DO! Thought the relatively tiny round bed top wouldn’t fit his big ol’ fuzzzy behind – but he manages to sorta screw himself into it and snoozes blissfully away IN it with one leg hanging off and his head resting comfortably on the rim! Need to pick up another one for his high perch in the Den now! Gotta say too – it was MORE than worth it’s surprisingly LOW price tag and the QUALITY build & materials are IMPRESSIVE to say the least! Bet your Kitty would LOVE one as much as my big ol Boy does!

  3. Kelly B

    I am not a “cat person”, I like dogs but have inherited my daughters cat. I keep finding myself buying my inherited cat things I think it will like. Last week I bought her a bird feeder so she could watch the birds out the window and this week it is this kitty playground.It took 4 days for it to arrive after choosing Amazon’s free Prime 2 day shipping, imagine that, but the package was intact without damage when it arrived. My inherited cat, Cloie, liked it from the beginning and laid claim by sitting on the box the minute it arrived and insisting she help put it together.**at least look at the very well worded instructions with clear & concise pictures before you start assembling or risk getting to the point you need to take it apart and start at the right end. It was easy for us to put together, after taking it back apart, and appears to be stable for my medium sized inherited cat.It is made from pressed board covered in normal carpet and twine. I would purchase this item again.

  4. MikeyG

    Let’s face it: most cats are more interested in the box the cat tree came in than the tree itself. This was my concern when I was at the pet store looking at cat trees that were $80+. When I found this from AmazonBasics, I immediately bought it. We purchased the larger one and when it got here it was easy to assemble. We put the box next to the cat tree and so far the cat has played with both equally, which is a win in my book.The tree is fairly durable and holds up to our heavier cat jumping on it. The top is large enough she can curl up and sleeping in, yet small enough that she wants to crawl up and sleep in it. If you want to cat you know what I mean.I would definitely recommend this to somebody who doesn’t know if their cat will use a cat tree or if you are just looking for a less expensive cat tree that is functional.

  5. DLH

    The AmazonBasics Cat Tree with Scratching Posts (Large) is more of a medium sized cat tree, but my two adult cats love it. Currently priced under $40, it’s a great value too. Assembly is quick and easy. No tools are required except a small hex key wrench which is included. When assembling, make sure to follow the instructions. Don’t make the mistake I did by ignoring the instructions and trying to assemble it bottom to top. If you do it correctly, it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes. Once assembled, it seems sturdy and strong. My cats have been fighting for the top spot all day and haven’t knocked it over. I have other similar sized cat trees that cost more than twice as much as this one, and they are no better than this one. My cats give it 5 Stars.

  6. Sarah E.

    This is my second time purchasing this tree, my cat loves it and we wanted to get him another when we moved to a bigger apartment. I tried very, very hard to find a better tree (bigger, etc.) but this is definitely the best cat tree for the price. I love that it has so many scratching posts – so many cat trees have only one scratching post and that just isn’t enough for our cat Meatloaf. He is a scratching fiend, and he scratches each level of the tree before jumping into the bowl on top. He literally spends most of his time in the dish on this tree. It’s his absolute favorite place to sleep. The carpet on it isn’t too ugly, and it’s easy to clean.I will note that this model is slightly different from the one I originally bought – they moved the post on the third level from the point of the triangle to the middle of the “hypotenuse” if you will. This is a big improvement, and makes the tree much more stable. The previous one we had to counterbalance but this one is plenty sturdy.Edit: This cat tree has held up great! I wanted to note that my cat is pretty big, a lean ~15 pounds, and he is rough with his tree. He frequently takes running leaps directly from the floor to the dish on top and has yet to topple it. Also it’s the perfect height to set next to a window, it gives him the perfect angles to angrily glare at wildlife from the comfort of his dish or while sitting on the middle ledge. Still can’t beat it!

  7. Dropkick Molly

    My kitties love this cat tree. It is sturdier than I expected and well made!

  8. Alyssa B

    Very sturdy and a nice size! It fits both of my cats perfectly, and one of them is pretty big. And it’s a great price! Comes with everything you need to put together. Pretty easy to put together, takes about 10 minute. I definitely recommend this.

  9. Daisy S.

    1. I had been wanting a cat tree for a while but hated to spend the money. This seemed like the best value for what I was getting (invest in the 3-tier!)2. Much like other reviewers – READ THE DARNED INSTRUCTIONS FIRST. We were half way building when we realized we need to start top down (sort of). It’ll make sense when you read the instructions – otherwise, very easy to assemble.3. No problem with sturdiness on carpet, but then again, my old ladies aren’t a rowdy bunch.4. My chonkiest baby crams herself on top and loves it – she’s quite fluffy around her midsection (she’s sensitive but we preach body-positivity around here) and maybe 13-14 pounds.5. It does have a smell so if off-gassing bothers you, you may need to build and let it sit outside for a bit before it acclimates.6. Not too heavy and easy to relocate – we found the perfect spot in front of a window and they binge watch “outside TV” for hours.

  10. mts

    For over a year, our 3 cats (and numerous foster kittens) loved this cat tree. It is still in good shape after one year and one week; we’d buy another one, but they aren’t $42.99 anymore. Our 16 pound tabby fits in the top area and loves it. The heights are good for cats to stretch and scratch. We don’t find too much carpet or rope on the floor, and, as the picture shows, the ropes have lasted for a year with 3 cats. Sometimes the cats play King of the Hill, and the 10 pound cat is usually victorious over the 16 pound cat. The footprint of this unit is so small that it works well at a window, behind the couch, in a corner, or just about anywhere.Assembly is easy enough. It’s light enough for an average person to carry easily. The color is neutral. For some wood, carpet, and rope, I’d happily spend $45 on this again.

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