Mabry Labradors – Breeder in Illinois. Labrador puppies for sale in Mabry Kennel

About Mabry Labradors Kennel

Dr. James Mabry Phd and Wendy Mabry own over-100-acres-area Mabry Labradors where is State of Illinois licensed (applied for more-than-four-female owners) and AKC inspected. The Mabrys define their mission is “To love and care for each and every animal just like we would want someone to take care of ours and to produce healthy puppies.” for their operation. That means no puppy leaves until vet clears healthy for sale.

Mabry Labradors, Breeder in Illinois. Labrador puppies for sale in Mabry

Describing the kennel, they have a 40 by 40 building, a 16 dog run; using Kuranda beds for dogs. Inside is equipped with climate controlled heat and air conditioner, outside is about 5 by 10 area that is covered by a roof and in summer will have water misters running. In addition, they have outside playard.

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